Zoho Projects


Zoho Projects. Now this is much more of a traditional project management application, and is quite popular with construction and security firms for its reliability, and also the ability to access on mobile devices as well as the fact that if you pay for the Zoho suite, this can be an application that is included. It also has two other features that a lot of people like using and that’s timesheets and feeds. Feeds allows you to see updates from you and your team and timesheet allows you to see where your team has been spending their time, utilizing the time tracking tool, and also completed tasks. Now Zoho Projects or Zoho suite was founded back in 1996 so they’ve been doing software for a fair while. I know many of the community here on Keep Productive are actually big fans of their software. And it’s priced fairly reasonably, if you wanted to get this outside of the suite, it’s gonna cost you $15 per user per month so, in a sort of medium bracket pricing.