First on our list is Procreate. It’s an award-winning, powerful painting and drawing app that lets you create rasterized artwork. With a one-time payment of $9.99, this app comes with an extensive customizable brush library that lets you create any type of brush and to get the most out of this app, you will need an Apple pencil.If you’ve used desktop apps in the past, you’ll find that the Procreate user interface is minimal, with all the panels hidden. But this doesn’t affect the overall experience of using the app. This is a drawing app after all, where the entire screen is your canvas. The app is very intuitive and it’s really easy to get used to it. You can easily create canvases with custom size, DPI and color space. Depending on your iPad model, you may run into some limitations when choosing the dimensions of your canvas. The larger the resolution of your files is, the fewer amount of layers you get to work with when creating your artwork. Procreate does require processing power and not all iPads have the same specs. Keep your product in mind when making your design, as this will help you choose the right dimensions.You can also save your artwork as a PNG, which is great for if you want it to have a transparent background.You can combine brushes with text and various effects to receive outstanding results. You can also save your projects in a PSD format and continue editing them on a desktop computer in Photoshop or any other graphic editing software.Procreate is best suitable for creating designs for DTG products, mugs, and posters.If you’re aiming to create all-over print pattern designs, the app doesn’t offer a feature to create seamless patterns yet. But you can import your design elements as PNGs into our Printful mockup generator, and create seamless patterns there. We have a tutorial on our channel about this feature. I’ll leave a link to it in the description for you.