Windows 10 1909


Microsoft has previously released major system updates every half a year for several years already. However, now everything is going to switch to a new more productive scheme – the main update of the system will be in the spring and another modest will  be  in the autumn including an emphasis on stability and reliability.The first such autumn update was the Windows 10 November 2019.

Installing 19H2 will be similar to installing standard easy cumulative updates, such as security patches, released on “Patch Tuesday”. The service pack to version 1909 will have a small size and a quick update process. You won’t even need to restart your computer or delete old Windows installations. We list a few notable new features of this version.

The update will receive a large number of performance optimizations. The autonomy of some devices will improve, forecasting the allocation of CPU resources are going to be optimized, and handwriting delay is going to be reduced.This update also includes planning improvements for PCs with the multi-core processors. Microsoft describes the changes as follows: “A CPU can have several“ preferred ”cores . To increase productivity, a rotation policy was introduced that more evenly distributes work between these preferred kernels. ”

19H2 will make communication with third-party voice helpers by another producers possible even on a locked screen. In previous versions of Windows 10, only Cortana could work on the locked screen. In 19H2, Cortana will give the way to other voice assistants to work and help customers  – users will be able to use alternative assistants, for example Amazon Alexa and Yandex Alice.

It will be much easier and faster to make search using  Windows Explorer (it is not the same with Internet Explorer)  has enhanced searching functionality. Now, when entering a query into the search bar, a drop-down menu appears with a list of proposed files, which also include files in OneDrive cloud storage, and not just on the local machine.

In the new version of Windows  OS for devices with handwriting functions the delay is reduced for more responsive  and fast drawing or writing. Prior to 19H2, Windows 10 systems with handwriting devices had a delay selected by the operating system for a typical hardware configuration. This important update will simplify the work of people who use handwriting and make it faster.

And a final good new for Android users! Users of Android smartphones and Windows PCs can use application named  “Your Phone”  with the new “Calls” feature, which allows you to make and receive phone calls on your computer using an Android smartphone. You don’t even need to touch your phone to call somebody.