IOS 13 Part 2


We continue to analyze the new features of iOS 13, which was released in early summer 2020. The first features can be found here.

Siri’s second voice. Now you can choose a male or a female voice for voice assistant Siri. The company also worked well on the voice engine, communication with Siri has become much more pleasant. It is more noticeable in English mode.

With the release of iOS 13, it became possible to use an Apple ID account to log in to another sites. Previously, such a function has been offered by Facebook, Google and Vkontakte.

More opportunities to use the “Commands”  application. “Commands” allows you to configure a series of consecutive events to automate the execution of various processes. For example, you can configure the inclusion of certain music after the start of physical activity.

Now there are more ways to use memoji.You can use own memoji with different emotions as a sticker in the messages. You can also put memoji or animoji on the contacts from the list of recorded contacts.

The design of the reminder app has finally been updated. Previously, using the application was terribly inconvenient, now it looks like any modern task scheduler.

The health application has received two new features that will help to analyze the state of the body in rational way. The first new feature is designed to keep track of your menstrual cycle. The second feature tracks the volume that you use for listening to music and how this value changes over time, so you can track changes in hearing sensitivity.

In addition to the Do Not Disturb mode, you can now silence all calls from numbers that are not in your contact list. You just won’t hear them, but you can always look at the “calls” tab

The “home” application was not left unattended either. In the new version of the operating system, you can now view home surveillance cameras, as well as use “smart” routers and speakers with AirPlay 2 function. Through Siri, you can ask to turn on the light of the desired color in a smart lamp or put a kettle.

There are good news for all games lovers. This iOS release reminded us of Apple Arcade’s new proprietary gaming service, which will be fully released in the fall. The support for controllers from PS4 and Xbox One has already appeared, now playing games in Apple Arcade will be even more enjoyable.