IOS 13. Part 1


In the beginning of the summer Apple traditionally introduced updates to its operating systems, one of them is iOS 13. This is a fairly large-scale update with several hundred new features. Let’s have a look at the most remarkable of them.

  Dark theme. A trendy black screen can be set instead of white by default or on a schedule. For example, you can set a white theme for daytime, and a dark one for evening time, so your eyes won’t be overweary. The phone looks  amazing with the dark theme, there is a feeling of a new gadget.

  New menu for working with photos. In recent years, the phone’s memory capabilities have become almost limitless and user doesn’t need to delete photos or applications to save some space. On the one hand, this is good, because you can keep a library of memories in your pocket and always have access to events of your entire life. On the other hand, sometimes among endless selfies and already not relevant screenshots it can be quite difficult to find the necessary shot. The  iOS 13 new gallery menu allows you to sort photos  quickly by an year, a month or a day.

  Also video and live photos in the gallery are played automatically with the sound turned off now, this feature makes the gallery looks more dynamic. There is a separate default folder for screen recordings now.

  The possibilities of working with photos have also expanded. The built-in editor can now completely replace third-party apps. Creators of iOS 13 have improved portrait shooting mode and a black and white filter.

  In the new iOS 13, it has become much more convenient to work with text. New gestures allow you to select a sentence or paragraph with several tapes on the screens, as well as quickly copy, cut or paste functions. Now you can cancel the action moving three fingers from right to left (earlier, for this operation, you had to shake the phone).

  Gestures got more functions than only text work – to select several chains of messages, folders or dialogs at once, it is no longer necessary to use context menu. Now you can just tap on them with two fingers.

  Apple continues to improve its pioneering technology of finding lost and stolen gadgets to their owners. Now the function “Find my iPhone” is available even when the gadget is disconnected from the network. How does this work? A lost phone can now scan the space from time to time to find another gadget via bluetooth, and use it to transfer location information to the cloud. This is a very useful innovative solution.