Elementary OS


Elementary OS is a Linux distribution OS based on Ubuntu. The first release was in the end of 2012,  the system was quite unstable and sometimes it was difficult to work with it. The latest version of Elementary OS called Hera was released on 3 December 2019, the system has become more stable and suitable for everyday use.

In fact, this is the same Ubuntu, only its own cover based on Gnome called Pantheon is used as the default desktop environment. Also there is a set of applications like Photos, Music, Video, Calendar, Terminal, Files and others.

The main difference between Elementary OS and Ubuntu and other distributions based on it is the use of the Pantheon cover. It  is based on Gnome and designed specifically for Elementary OS. It turns Gnome Shell into something very similar to MacOS. Let’s take a look at its most notable features.

The Pantheon desktop is very simple and easy to understand. It consists of two main elements – a panel and a dock bar with application launcher icons. The desktop looks modern and pleasant. The panel that is situated at the top of the screen contains several basic elements. There are  an app launcher, time and system indicators. All these elements change color depending on the  color of your desktop wallpaper.

Pantheon has workstations for more convenient organization of the workspace. By default, all windows are located on the same desktop. To see active desktops, you just click the button on the dock panel or the keyboard shortcut Super + S.

Creators of Elementary OS care about usability and that’s why they have made hot corners. Hot corners are special places in the corners of a desktop, when you move the mouse pointer to the desired corner the system performs the configured action. For example, it can be commands of  viewing desktops, application menus, all windows, and so on. This function allows you to speed up the work with the system.

Picture-in-picture mode. Sometimes it is very important to see one window and type in another. Whether you choose to click back and forth or to put two apps side by side near by each other, window management takes some time out of your precious life. In elementary OS this problem is solved in picture-in-picture mode. By pressing the combination of  keys , you can select the window you want to keep visible above another windows and choose position of it  in any convenient place on the desktop.

Built-in night mode. Of course it is better not to work at night and have enough rest and time with your family, but still it can be some situation when you need to be on time and not to lose deadline. In this case, it is better to have an opportunity to  replace the blue light of the screen with warmer tones. There are some third party apps that can help you, but elementary OS has already has this function and you can find it in settings.