Android 10


Google released the final version of Android, called Android 10 on 3th of September 2019. This version was the largest update in the history of the operating system. In this version, the creators abandoned the names of sweets and desserts, ads left strict and understandable numbers. Let’s have a look at the most interesting and important updates.

Dark interface theme. Now you can easily switch from white screen to black – and you can do it with one move for all applications, even for those in which there is no dark theme yet. Users have already managed to appreciate the innovation -eyes are much less tired with this mode, and the phone has longer battery life. Some people also believe that with a dark theme a phone looks much more stylish.

With Android 10 users have even more options to customize the whole system the way they want. Now it is possible to change shape and size of icons using the settings menu, without using any third-party applications. Also some infographic was added – now you can find out the phone’s operating time from the moment it was turned on.

The creators of the new version really  care of the user’s convenience by increasing the variety of gestures used and allowing the user to adjust the sensitivity of the swipe. This update allows you to speed up the process of using the device, removing unnecessary finger touches. Also, the new version of the operating system allows you to select the mode of focusing attention and block those applications that distract you from work or from spending good time offline with your friend or family. It is a very useful feature in our time of high information pressure.

Android 10 has a lot of seemingly inconspicuous little things. Nevertheless, they make using the phone an enjoyable experience and you feel that producers and developers love their product and really care about people who use it. For example, now when you selecting text, the phone  gently vibrates. Also the night shooting function no longer needs to be configured separately – it is built into the camera’s interface. The new built-in screen recording function is equally important.

Android 10 has absolutely amazing feature that you could watch on YouTube for sometimes ago – it is the function of automatically creating subtitles for any video. The same function allows you not to listen to annoying audio messages, but to read them.

Android 10 doesn’t miss a security issue, of course. Particular attention is paid to geolocation and access to applications to it.