Lenovo Legion 5i


The packaging is a large brown box with a massive legion logo and inside it we have the legion 5i itself nicely protected by this foam padding and an unwoven fabric bag. Inside the box we also have the setup guide with illustrations, a safety and warranty guide, a substantial power cable, the hefty 230 watts power brick and the bundled m300 rgb gaming mouse. Now this is good, especially the fact that this is a gaming laptop to begin with. And with the gaming mouse included on the package you’re pretty much good to go. The m300 gaming mouse features the pixart bmw 3325 and features an ambidextrous design making it ideal as a bundled mouse. Now let’s take a look at the star of the show which is the lenovo legion 5i gaming laptop. At first looking like i said earlier it doesn’t look gamery at all with this clean and sleek aesthetics partnered with some subtle branding here and there. The legion logo is non-rgb and has this nice iridescent finish to it that looks really neat. Partnered with a small lenovo logo right here and as you can tell the finish and overlook are really clean. Even with some satellites for the rear input and output ports.

Speaking of ports the lenovo legion 5i actually has a substantial amount of ios starting here at the back. So we have the two rear axles, an ethernet port, a usb 3.1 type-c port, two usb 3.1 gen1 ports, an hdmi port, the power port and the kensington lock slot. And here on the top side we have a power led indicator. As you can tell just from the back we already have a bunch of ios and this is actually pretty vital as i’ll explain more later. Now flipping it on the left side we have the left side firing speaker a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. An always on usb 3.1 gen1 port and the left side access. On the other side we have the right side firing speaker, another led power indicator lenovo button for system recovery, another usb 3.1 gen1 port and the right side access. As you can see ports are not a problem with the lenovo legion 5i. However what it lacks that is kind of a deal breaker for me personally is an sd card reader which is important for content creators like myself. Aside from that you pretty much have all the ios that you’ll need nicely placed around the laptop. In front we can have a bit of an idea how thin this gaming laptop is. And it is also relatively easy to open. However as per my experience you cannot open it using just one hand without having the bottom being lifted as well. Speaking of how thin this gaming laptop is the thicker back side is around 26.5 millimeters while the steamer front side is around 24.2 millimeters. Those dimensions are quite thin for a gaming laptop of this caliber now in terms of thermal design we have a total of five ventilations with two on each side and another two at the back and a massive one at the bottom. And if you look close enough you can see the two fans on both corners. The lenovo legion 5i features the advanced cold front 2.0 cooling design and also features three modes which you can take advantage of depending on what you are doing. You can select between the quiet mode balanced mode and performance mode which will automatically adjust the performance settings. You can do that by pressing f and plus q and it will give you a visual representation of the current mode from both the power button and the on-screen display as well which i think is pretty awesome. You’re not going to guess which mode you’re currently running at. 

Now with external features out of the way let’s open and set it up so that we can discuss all the other features and capabilities of the lenovo legion 5i. The lenovo legion 5i now features a redesigned webcam which is now located here at the top side with a nifty cover that i personally appreciate. In terms of audio as you can probably tell with this branding it is powered by harman which is pretty decent. But i’d say most of the time i still use my earphones or headphones especially when gaming. What I appreciate however is the placement that is on the sides instead of at the bottom. In terms of the trackpad we have the usual unified trackpad and mouse clickers and as per experience the surface area is pretty adequate. Tracking performance is accurate and the clickers have this nice tactile increase split to it. 

As for the keyboard we’ll talk more about that in depth later but as for my initial input it is rgb with a few lighting effects available on board using some key combinations that you can also toggle using the lenovo vantage software. Here’s a quick look at how bright the illumination of the keyboard is. Moving towards the top side we have the power button nicely centered with illumination that like i said earlier represents the current performance in cooling mode. Alright guys now with the basic stuff out of the way. Let’s talk more about the performance and display quality of the lenovo legion 5i. In terms of the display for starters the bezels are relatively thin as you can see with just a thicker bottom bezel. Now the lenovo legion 5i at least 40 variant that we have right here features a 15.6 inch full hd 1920x1080p resolution wva panel with a 120hz refresh rate and brightness levels of up to 250 nits and with an anti-glare finish. 

As per my testing in terms of color accuracy it has 64 srgb coverage 46 ntsc 48 adobe rgb and 48 p3 color gamut and with a relatively low 250 units of brightness it is safe to say that this might not be a decent panel for content creation. Especially for critical applications that require good color accuracy. On the other hand if your application is mostly for gaming then this could be a decent option with a 120 hertz refresh rate. Though the brightness levels could still be an issue for games with a relatively dark environment. As per my testing in valoran as long as you look at it dead straight which for sure you will since this is a laptop then you should be fine. Otherwise you can check out the other variants of lenovo 5i with a better panel for both color accuracy and brightness levels. Now in terms of the keyboard the lenovo legion 5i features a full-size keyboard with dedicated arrow keys in a numpad albeit quite cramped as you can see here. The numpad keys are smaller than the rest of the keys while the arrow keys are rather large. The function keys are also smaller but that’s ok given the amount of time you’re going to need them. Other than that the layout is pretty standard. Now as per my xp and typing on this keyboard is pretty decent the keys have enough travel on them and they also have a nice tactile feedback. My only issue with this is for gaming. I feel like the left side, especially for reaching the control key for crouching, is a little bit cramped. But nothing that i cannot get used to over time. I also like the soft touch texture on the surface of the laptop and it is also somehow fingerprint resistant. 

Now let’s talk about the hardware under the hood so that we can take a look at some performance benchmarks. The lenovo legion 5i that we have right here features an intel core i7 107050h with 6 cores and 12 threads and features an nvidia geforce rtx 2060 graphics card. It also has an 8 gigabyte ram which may not be allowed in today’s standard but i believe that is expandable. In terms of storage we have a 512 gigabyte nvme ssd which is quite fast. And as per my testing this laptop can actually boot up in just a matter of seconds. Except for the ram as you can see it packs some decent hardware inside which makes this laptop a decent option for 1080p gaming. 

Speaking of gaming let’s take a look at some benchmarks. As you can see the lenovo legion 5i with some powerful hardware inside can crank decent frame rates on these popular fps games even at maximum settings. And the 120 hertz refresh rate display on this is just perfect for the amount of horsepower this laptop can produce. And although the temps could spike here and there for the most part the thermals are pretty controlled. And it doesn’t have thermal throttle as you can see on this result on 3d mark fire strike. The average time for the processor is only around 68 degrees and 50 degrees for the graphics card. Plenty of headroom to work with in terms of thermals and for kicks and giggles. I tested the ideal temperature of the lenovo legion 5i for the three different modes, and as you can see as expected the performance mode makes the temperature a little bit higher than the quiet and balanced mode. So depending on which task you’re currently working at, you can switch between these three modes in just the press of a couple of keys. 

Now in terms of battery life the lenovo legion 5i for the variant that we have right here features a 60w. Battery. And as per my testing gaming on this with out of the box settings i’m getting only around 1 hour and 40 minutes. But that is in an extreme condition with maximum brightness and running an android emulator and gaming on it. For the entirety of the testing I did a test twice for both the quiet and balanced mode. With pretty much the same result your mileage may vary of course depending on the brightness levels of the display in the keyboard and your applications.