I don’t know why I put thisthat far down the list, but ClickUp is a fantastic all rounder. It’s actually one that always comes up in conversation whenever I typically recommend a all round project management application. It’s great for freelancers, large teams, and also medium sized teams as well. It allows you to do a range of different things and one of its things that people love is its flexibility.You can add all types of documents to it in their pro plan which is priced really reasonably as well. And also you get to create these dashboards allowing you to see your project progress and all that you need to know about the project in one glance. They’ve recently added docs, allows you to create this wiki-like experience inside of your projects, which is very popular with those who are looking to, I guess plan and coordinate information around their work. Now, it is priced at $5 per month which is so reasonable and that’s for unlimited per user which is good. And they even have this deal feature where if you were to say make them a deal on a certain price, then that’s definitely good, and you can check that one out in the link in description.