Basecamp’s talked about a lot and I always refer to it as the Patagonia of project management applications. And the main reason behind that is because it’s very values driven. Their founder and their team are Very much advocators of less work and more productive time. Now Jason Fried’s written a fair amount of books as well on this topic. This application doesn’t let down, allowing you to have this Basecamp-like experience in having everything together. You can essentially get your chat, your schedule, your task manager, your calendar application all in one application. And they do stay on their website, they dislike combining many of these inside one. So you don’t necessarily have to pay for site per user and their pricing is fairly high. But again, it’s a flat rate for every single team at $99 per month for using this application, and that’s however size team you want. There is also a personal plan which may get you started which you can use up to 20 users.There are some limitations on it, but at the same time it might get you the feel and experience for your Basecamp layout. Now Basecamp was founded back in 1997 and has over 5000 companies using it right now.