And Aha! is spelt A-H-A with an exclamation mark.Now this tool is recommended for those who wanna specialist experience for road mapping. Now, inside of Aha!, you can build these roadmaps that are very similar to Gantt charts, but allows you to see a project from start to finish in a very visual fashion. This software was launched back in 2013 and it’s priced on the much higher side at $74 per user per month. Apparently they have 5000 teams using this application, and the features that jump out are the resource allocation, allowing you to have a list of your resources and allocate them to specific individuals or different areas or projects or roadmaps that you have built. It also doesn’t just have the roadmap ability, there are a different viewing options so that you and your team can change the way a certain roadmap looks like and also change it to a different style of view. So if you’re someone that’s used roadmaps before, maybe a product manager or even someone in marketing that wants to visually plot everything out, this might be the application for you.