How to Get Rid of Back Pain: 5 Doctor’s Tips

Most likely, you started reading this article sitting down?

If that’s the case, we’ll start saving your back right now.

Stand up. Stand on your toes. Reach up with your hands. Make a roll from the toes to the heels. Lean slowly to the left… and now to the right.

Try reading this text standing up.

Seriously, it will be much more useful than sitting with a sandwich at lunch in front of the monitor and watching Facebook memes.

Reading will not take much time, and changing the position slightly relaxes the tired back and uses the fifth point in a different way.

So, get rid of back pain and monitor your posture will help these 5 points:


The first mandatory rule-the key to a beautiful posture-to keep the back of the “dancer” even at the Desk-the chest is open-the shoulders stretch down-the neck tends up-the shoulder blades are collected.

No matter how difficult it may seem, try to control your posture while sitting and keep your back always in the correct position. Can’t keep track?

Ask your colleagues, agree on mutual control – let everyone correct you.


How much time a day do you spend sitting down?

And how many times do you break away from the chair to straighten up with the “letter z”?

That’s what we thought.

Take a short break in sitting – get up at least once every half hour for 2-5 minutes to stretch a little.

To avoid missing a motor break, set up notifications that will remind you that it’s time to move.

Make a few slow circular rotations with your shoulder joints, bring your shoulder blades together and slowly spread them apart, slowly rotate your neck, stretch your arms up… and again. Muscles and joints will come alive.

Now you can turn on the incendiary track on your smartphone and surprise everyone with a pair of graceful “steps” or a cross twine.


If the weather allows, discover a new way to work and home-change your route, walk an extra kilometer or even two-you will have time to think about yourself and how you become healthier in just 10 minutes.

Be sure to install a pedometer on your phone or use a fitness tracker that will count your steps (there are many convenient applications available).

During the day, you need to walk at least 5 km, or better – ten.

The right morning

Start the morning not with Facebook, but with a warm-up of all joints and muscles.

10-15-minute exercise normalizes blood pressure, improves blood and lymph circulation in the body. In addition, the warm-up will cheer you up and prepare you for new challenges in public transport or in traffic.

But if you are used to getting to work by bike or on foot — you will get a double charge.

A good evening

And good, because nothing hurts. In order not to hurt, you need activity.

And if in the morning you need to do a warm-up to “Wake up” your body from sleep, then in the evening you can add a little strength exercises.

For example, working with light dumbbells will be useful for the upper back and shoulder girdle, and calm lifts and twists will not only pump the press, but also involve the deep muscles of the spine.

After strength training, do not forget to add flexibility exercises. Stretching improves muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Regular exercise on the flexibility of the back, chest and shoulder girdle simultaneously engages the spine, improves posture and helps to get rid of back pain.

Any exercise is useful if you are healthy. If you have protrusions or intervertebral hernias of the spine, or often worry about back pain-exercises need to be selected individually!

The same hyperextension can only hurt, sharp movements with weight on strength, endurance or agility are not the best idea while the issue with back pain is open.

Qualified trainers and fitness instructors should always check with beginners about such symptoms and diagnoses before training.

Refer to doctors and rehabilitation specialists to eliminate pain and diagnosis, and conduct initial training for fitness loads.

The spine is the basis of not only a beautiful posture, but also a healthy body!

By following these tips, you will be able to improve your well-being and prevent serious problems with the musculoskeletal system, which so often disrupt your work and leisure plans.

Remember, if you are sedentary and work a lot while sitting, then the best option for balance is to spend the same time in motion.

And straighten your back now!