Habits that age the skin

Why do we get old so fast? A dermatovenerologist and cosmetologist talked about how to stop aging skin. And why night cream, patches and washing can lead to unpleasant consequences on the face.

Innocent but dangerous

Among the most important bad habits, the doctor named frequent washing. This procedure dehydrates the skin. Sebum is not only a natural moisturizer, but also a very effective shield against bacteria. If you wash your face too often, your skin will be seriously damaged.

Hydrogel patches can also be a source of skin problems. Women use them to remove fine wrinkles under the eyes. In fact, patches do not rejuvenate the skin, and wrinkles disappear due to the micro-library. The patches moisturize the skin and prevent moisture evaporation, thus creating a micro-drip. Continuous use of this product can lead to more wrinkles.

By the way, the same principle of action for patches from dark circles. Only here the effect is achieved due to a slightly different refraction of light from highly moisturized skin.

Hidden dangers of cream

What is night cream? Usually it is an oily thick cream that is supposed to nourish the skin or less wrinkles, depending on your needs.

If a girl is accustomed to using makeup right before bedtime, she also risks aging her skin. The fact is that night creams also create micro-edema. They prevent moisture evaporation, the skin swells and stretches. The effect will not be noticeable overnight, but over time, the skin will still be covered with wrinkles. And the blame for this will be the night cream that was used just before bed.

It is more correct to smear with cream 3-4 hours before bedtime. And if you forgot to do this, then there is nothing to regret. Use it next time.

Cosmetics can be very harmful at an early age. Today girls from the age of 12 consider it possible to use decorative cosmetics, wash their face with tonic and moisturizing agents. Cosmetologist Aleksey Edemsky warns that this can lead to acne and premature skin aging.

The appearance of wrinkles is likely to be caused by beauty injections made in early adolescence. Especially hyaluronic acid injections. In this case, the body can stop producing its own hyaluronic acid in sufficient quantities. Over time, the skin will constantly require artificial support.

Do not play around with injections

Botulinum toxin injections are not very useful. This drug may stop acting as the body develops immunity to it. Botulinum toxin requires careful adherence to the instructions, which means that these injections should not be used more than once every three months.

Doctors advise using such powerful anti-aging agents no earlier than 27 years old.

And another very bad habit is the use of laser resurfacing, peels and scrubs. All this makes the skin thinner and leads to its hypersensitivity. Such traumatic procedures can provoke the appearance of age spots and rosacea.

Sugar is a sweet pest

Avoiding sugar can be a real benefit. It changes the structure of collagen, and its own body stops “recognizing” it. As a result, “old” collagen builds up and prevents new collagen from forming.

In addition, sugar has an effect on sebum. Its viscosity increases, it clogs the sebaceous glands, which leads to inflammation of the skin.