Bad poses for working at a laptop from home.

Working remotely from home is a convenient and affordable option for many, so people earn money sitting at a laptop in a cozy environment. After a few hours, the body gets tired, and we begin to take positions more comfortable. Only a few people know that such provisions not only increase the burden on the body, but also spoil our health. There are some safety rules to keep in mind when working on your laptop. Everyone knows that you need to sit right on the chair, the monitor should be at least 50 cm from your eyes, etc. But there are postures that can harm your health.

Keep your laptop on your lap

When used in this position, the laptop often overheats. When he lies on his knees, access to the coolers is blocked. Over time, the temperature of the gadget can reach 50 degrees Celsius.

This position can negatively affect the genitals and the functioning of the blood vessels. Do not overuse it or sit like this for more than 40 minutes.

If you still do not want to deprive yourself of this habit, get a mobile table.

Sit at the table with your legs tucked under you

Sitting at a table in the same position over time gets bored, and a person begins to cross his legs, put them on the floor, squeeze them under him. Many people forget about the simple rules of working at a computer. It is worth remembering that the back should be straight, and it is imperative to lean on the back of the chair. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your feet on a stand, if available, or on the floor.

Here is another position that is not recommended to sit. It is harmful because the blood in the body begins to circulate poorly. Sitting for a long time can make your legs numb. This situation can lead to physical inactivity. To avoid this, it is enough to get up every 30 minutes and do small warm-up exercises for the lower extremities.

Laying the laptop on the sofa and bending over in front of it

One of the main rules of working at a computer says: “You have to sit up straight, leaning your elbows completely on the back of a chair. Watch your posture. ” By crouching three deaths in front of the laptop, you break it. This posture harms the spine. Poor posture can lead to back and neck pain.

If you are sitting on the couch, lean against the back, if on the floor, against the wall. Place your laptop on a coffee table, bedside table, or stand. In this case, the gadget should be at the level of your eyes. If there is not enough height, just place books on it. Otherwise, sit on a pillow.

Lying on my stomach

Many laptop users love this pose. It looks very comfortable in appearance. In fact, lying like that is harmful.

The fact is that the viewing angle shifts, which leads to excessive strain on the eyes. The screen should be positioned so that its top edge is just below eye level. With a large diagonal, this gap should not exceed 5-7 cm. It is also important to remember that the monitor should be at a distance of at least 50 cm, which cannot be done in this position.

In addition, the neck is overstrained. This is due to the fact that it is constantly in the same slightly bent position.