10 Factors That Affect Skin Condition

The process of skin aging is determined by genetics, but ecology, lifestyle, environment, working conditions, nutrition, skin care, smoking and other bad habits also have a significant impact on the skin condition. Of course, skin aging is inevitable, but some simple techniques will help you significantly delay this moment, leaving the skin young and beautiful for a long time. Let’s find out about the factors that affect skin aging, and how can we stop skin aging!

1. The influence of the sun

Include face sunscreen in your skin care daily routine. Many people use it only while traveling to the South, where there is a high risk of getting burned, but in fact it should be used at any time of the year and in any latitudes, only possibly changing the protection factor-SPF – to a stronger or weaker one depending on the skin type and climate zone. UV rays negatively affect the skin, causing its premature aging and wrinkles. So, even during  cloudy days, use a cream with SPF 15, which reliably protects against UVA and UVB. This is the easiest way to keep young.

2. Take care of your eyes

As you know, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most vulnerable, so it requires the most careful care. In addition to moisturizing and nourishing cream in sunny weather, make sure to wear sunglasses to avoid the appearance of “crow’s feet”. But they must be not just with dark glasses, but with a light filter of at least UV 400, which delays up to 99-100% of UV rays, otherwise you can get glaucoma or cataracts.

3. Cosmetics care

Signs of aging of the skin of the face are often given out by the eyes, where the first facial wrinkles appear. Vitamin A derivatives: retinol, retinyl palmitate and retinyl linoleate; they will help to get the delicate skin around the eyes a greater elasticity. Also, they provide a lifting effect, promote the production of collagen and skin regeneration. Even owners of oily skin should use such creams.

But not only the eyes need special care – the rest of the skin is no less susceptible to the negative effects of the environment. Every morning and evening, perform the following procedures: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, selecting products according to your skin type. At night, apply a nourishing cream, and 1-2 times a week perform a deep cleansing with a scrub or mask, if necessary, use special tools (for acne, against age spots, and others). With special care, make-up without stretching or damaging sensitive skin, which will also protect it from aging and wrinkles.

4. The nutrition

A balanced diet with a predominance of protein and a low content of simple carbohydrates, a reduction in calories, sugar and consumption of pure spring water leads to a healthy body, prolonging youth and increasing life expectancy. So, the Mediterranean cuisine is very useful and nutritious: vegetables with olive oil dressing, seafood, fruits, nuts and cereals. It counteracts blockage of blood vessels, evens out the complexion, prevents an increase in cholesterol and insulin deficiency. However, do not get carried away with diets – they lead to weight fluctuations, which negatively affects the appearance of the skin, which then sags due to sudden weight loss, then stretches.

5. Minerals and vitamins

They should be obtained not only through food – there are insufficient amounts of them, so take them in medicinal form, especially A, E and C. These are so-called antioxidants that neutralize the action of free radicals that destroy the elasticity of the skin and contribute to its aging.

6. Bad habits

If we talk about the condition of the skin, then smoking causes maximum harm to it, making the skin dry and wrinkled. Heavy smokers can be seen from afar by their sallow complexion. There are some reasons to quit smoking: smoking significantly slows down the natural processes of tissue regeneration, and contributes to the occurrence of blood clots in blood vessels. In addition, smokers can not boast of thick hair and quickly acquire gray hair.

7. Sleep

Sleep heals and restores the body, it is a powerful means of rejuvenation and recovery. While you sleep, the cells work with a vengeance, they start regeneration processes that neutralize all the damage accumulated during the day. The first beauties of the world share their main secret of beautiful well-groomed skin: they sleep 8-10 hours a day if possible. It is advisable to sleep on your back to avoid unnecessary creases on your face.