Top 15 Best western movies


Western is a fascinating adventure cinematic genre that tells about the events taking place in the Wild West, where the main characters are brutal cowboys, usually armed with Colt or Smith & Wesson pistols. With the help of them, they administer justice, punishing the bad guys, or save civilians or pretty women who fell into the hands of villains, while trying to earn a couple of extra dollars. The main motives of the western are the need to confront the protagonist (characters) with evil in a society where the triumph of the law has not yet been approved, and personal qualities play the main role in establishing order, adherence to a certain code of honor.

We’ve selected top 15 best western movies of all times for you to enjoy the spirit of the wild west. Which western movie is the best is up to you, but believe me, it will be difficult to choose! Each film has something that will touch your soul. We’ve selected the top 15 best western movies of all time for you to enjoy the spirit of the wild west. Which western movie is the best is up to you, but believe me, it will be difficult to choose! Each film has something that will touch your soul.

15. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

2007 USA, Canada, UK

The literary basis of this psychological film is the novel by Ron Hansen.
On the morning of April 1882, the most famous American bandit in the Wild West, Jesse James, was shot by a member of his own gang. And this was done by a timid young man Robert Ford from a revolver given to him by Jesse himself. James is obsessed with a persecution mania. And young Ford, experiencing a split personality, imagining himself in Jesse’s place. He adores the famous killer so much that he is ready to be reborn as him. Love, imperceptibly for itself, develops into murder.

14. Dead man

1995 USA, Japan, Germany

Quiet and discreet accountant William Blake from Cleveland arrives in the Wild West, having lost his loved ones. But here, too, failure awaits him – the place of work for which he applied is already taken. Out of work, out of money, in a strange city, Mr. Blake spends the night with a paper flower saleswoman. But suddenly a former groom comes to her – the son of the unofficial “owner” of the city. As a result, both the groom and his ex-fiancee are dead, and Blake is charged with double murder. A reward has been announced for his head, and the former accountant is hiding in the woods. William Blake, wounded in the chest, is found by an Indian hermit and, mistaking him for a famous English poet, decides to help.

13. The wild bunch

1969 USA

The Wild Bunch is a classic reference western about how hard life is for those who have taken the wrong path. This is a story about how even the most notorious bandit remains a child at heart. This is a cult film with beautiful landscapes, horsemen, pursuits, gunfights, explosions and large-scale battle scenes. The film was released on June 18, 1969, and was nominated twice for an Academy Award in 1970.

12. Django

1966 Italy, Spain

As always, the Wild West is filled with bandits and thugs. Terrorism flourishes in a small town until the protector of the weak and oppressed, Django, appears. He appears out of nowhere, dragging a coffin with a “secret” behind him on a rope. A difficult mission to protect the oppressed, but, as always, doable, even more so if Django takes over.

11. True Grit

2010 USA

Following her father’s killer, mercenary Tom Cheney, 14-year-old Matty Ross sets out to capture him. To help herself, she hires the toughest bailiff she could find, Rooster Cogburn. Matty insists on going with him, but his laziness, drunkenness and bad temper do not match her faith in him. Together they set off to find Cheney in Indian territory, where they are joined by a Texas ranger who himself searches for Cheney. This journey together will make each of them test their faith and strength for strength.

10. 3:10 to Yuma

2007 USA

A bandit and a robber named Ben Wade, along with his loyal and loyal associate named Charlie Prince and other guys of his gang, is engaged in armed robbery, robbing stagecoaches, carriages, banks and much more. Ben often kills people who try to resist him, but prefers not to do it unnecessarily. Ben was declared a criminal, a considerable reward was appointed for his head, but no one can catch him or members of his gang.

9. The Revenant

2015 USA, Hongkong

Hugh Glass is a hunter from Philadelphia. From the age of 16 he was accustomed to traveling the world, was a prisoner of the Indians and learned to adapt to the wild conditions of nature. On one of the campaigns, he was seriously injured while hunting in the lands of the Wild West. His friend and comrade John Fitzgerald does not decide anything better than to abandon the wounded and leave, having robbed him first. But Hugh collects all his will and desire to live in a fist in order to survive in wild and unpredictable conditions. He must definitely take revenge on John and punish a friend for his misdemeanor. Glass decided to survive for the sake of revenge, but will the man be able to fulfill his plans?

8. Unforgiven

1992 USA

This is the story of William Munney, a former cold-blooded assassin who has found the strength to end his dirty trade. He became a farmer, started a family. And now his wife is dying, leaving him alone with two children.
Munni is poor, he needs money. Scofield Kid invites him to catch two cowboys who have committed a crime and get a reward for it. But things are not going at all the way they wanted.

7. The Hateful Eight

2015 USA

The events of the picture unfold in the United States after the Civil War. The legendary bounty hunter John Ruth, the Hanger, is escorting a prisoner. On the way, several more travelers are nailed to them. A blizzard forces the company to seek shelter in a shop on the outskirts, where a very motley society is already located: a Confederate general, a Mexican, a cowboy… And one of them is not who he claims to be.

6. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

1969 USA

We are talking about two friends Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy, whom the whole district knows. They lead a gang called The Hole in the Wall. Butch is smart, he is the head of the gang, and Sundance is good at shooting and is a great performer. They clean one train carrying money twice in a row.

The hijackers begin to be found, and the investigation is led by an experienced Baltimore investigator. He was one of the best trackers and few people managed to hide from him. Friends, with difficulty, were able to break away from the persecution and decided to take refuge in the house of their friend Sundance. There, Butch thinks: if they can’t catch their luck in America, maybe they should go to Bolivia and try there?

5. Once upun a time in the West

1968 Italy, USA

In the Wild West, the construction of the railroad brings not only progress but also the power of big money. Railroad tycoons rarely stop at anything, even murder, to achieve their goals.

Jill McBain, a young widow, refuses to sell the farm to Morton, a railroad tycoon who wants to build a railroad on her land. Morton then orders her murder by hiring Frank, one of the best shooters in the Wild West. Jill is defended by a local bandit Cheyenne and a mysterious vagabond called Harmonica.

4. Dances with Wolves

1990 USA, UK

USA during the Civil War. Lieutenant John Dunbar, after being wounded in battle, asks to be transferred to a new duty station closer to the western border of the United States. His new duty station is a remote small fort. The commander committed suicide, and Dunbar’s fellow traveler died in a skirmish with the Indians after he drove the lieutenant to his destination. There are simply no people left who know that Dunbar was left alone in the fort and must survive in the harsh nature and in the vicinity of the seemingly inhospitable native inhabitants of North America. Gradually, the lieutenant masters and makes friends with the Indians.

3. For a Few Dollars More

1965 Italy, Spain

Earning a few extra dollars in a legal way in the Wild West is not a problem if you have a proven Colt and permission from the authorities to shoot the bandits. This is the way the professional bounty hunters “The Man Without a Name” and Colonel Mortimer walk side by side, whose common goal is the criminal gang of the Mexican Indio.

2. Django unchained

2012 USA

The action takes place in 1859 in the Wild West. Former German dentist and now fearless bounty hunter King Schultz at one of the illegal auctions ransoms the slave Django, which saves the poor fellow from cruel treatment and bestial life without any rights. This Schultz kills people for money and he needs a loyal assistant, whom he finds in the face of the desperate Django. Together they set off in search of the Brittle Brothers’ gang. Schultz pursues the brothers with the aim of making good money, and Django wants to find out who they sold his wife to, and then take revenge.

1. The good, the bad and the ugly

1966 Italy, Spain

In the very heat of the civil war, a mysterious shooter is walking in the Wild West. He is completely alone, he does not need friends, he has no partners, no home. It was so until he met two of the same cynical and cold scum. Now they are jointly trying to find the stolen gold. But such a campaign is not the best solution for doing business together. Each of the gang understands this. After all, there is a war, blood and death are all around, so in such a cruel and difficult adventure you need to be always on the alert and not trust anyone. Otherwise, you will not live long.