Tally Counter


Now this might be counterintuitive. I actually like to do two things. The first is I like to figure out how many hands I’m playing per hour. So I can determine things like my win rate, my hourly rate, my ROI etc. And what I do is every time the dealer deals a hand I simply tally one hand on the tally counter and then keep track of the average amount of hands that are played per hour. The second thing I like to do with a Tally Counter is figure out how many hands I’m playing. The simple act of tabulating how many hands I’m actually playing at the poker table helps keep me in check and ensure that I’m not playing to lose preflop and giving away a lot of money. So, what I do is simple every time I voluntarily put money on the pot. I simply tabulate one hand at the end of my session or a few sessions. I review my average what’s called vpip. The amount of times you put money in the pot, and if I’m playing a full ring No Limit Hold’em cash game. I want to make sure that number is no higher than about 25%