Poker Income


I recommend all my clients, students and readers to download this app because keeping records is the best way to observe and improve what is going on in your game. You’ve all heard the quote: what gets measured gets managed and people that don’t keep records really aren’t having the accountability they need to improve their game and get a grip on their win rate, their hourly rate and other important metrics. Poker income makes keeping records extremely easy. I think it’s free and there’s really no reason not to do this. You can figure out things like your BBS per hundred, which is a way to measure win rates in poker, you can figure out your hourly rate, you could figure out your ROI for the year, you can sort by day, month session, year casino game type and a bunch of other various metrics to really hone in on where you’re making the most money whether you’re better at cash games or tournaments, and whether you’re running below or above expectations. It’s truly amazing and I highly recommend this.