This is a simple app that comes embedded with every iPad or iPhone or Android. And it’s a great way to keep track of relevant information at the poker table that you can then use to review at a later time. For example, I’ll write down all the interesting hands of poker that I play and then I’ll share them with colleagues of mine to help me review hands and study and learn and improve at poker. This is also a great way to review your session afterwards if you want to help take your game to that next level. One sort of hack for this is to preformat your notes with information that you’re going to need to write down in every single hand. So, for example, you could write down something like stack size position preflop flop turn river and that way when you’re on your notepad in the middle of a game, or you step away from a table to write down your hands. You could simply write down the action, you don’t have to write down all the information street-by-street because you already have it embedded into your notes.