TOP 25 Netflix Movies

Streaming service Netflix this year competed for the Oscar in 24 categories. That’s more than Universal and Paramount combined, and more than any other studio this year. Even the almighty Disney was behind the leader by 2 nominations, and this once again established Netflix as a creative unit to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, the best movies on Netflix are almost never shown in the cinema. Such a chance is given to a few and only for the purpose, for example, to meet the requirements of the movie academy and have a chance to fight for an oscar. But this does not mean that the pictures that are not “sharpened” for the oscar do not deserve attention. Among them there are quite original works of various genres and authors-from science fiction and christmas comedies to new movies by soderbergh, king and michael bay-which are worth paying attention to.

25.Polar (2019)

Once the best assassin incognito enjoys a comfortable pension, but is forced to remember his skills when they want to eliminate him. although the movie is based on the 2012 comic book, it is stylistically and plot-wise very similar to “John Wick”, where Keanu Reeves is replaced (and does it no less convincingly and stylishly) by the always relevant Mads Mikkelsen, and the trigger (instead of a dog) is retirement savings (!) the main character. The strangest bed scene and no less strange cameo of Johnny Knoxville are more than covered by funny references to Minsk.

24.High Flying Bird (2019)

The story of a budding basketball player who finds himself caught up in criminal schemes by his sports agent. Steven Soderbergh’s topical project (which “lit up” a lot of interesting actors – from Bill Duke and Zachary Quinto to Kyle mclochlen and the star of “Joker” Zazie Bitz) is recommended to everyone who misses “Jerry Maguire” and “Money for two”, i.e. when there is little action and a lot of cynical debates on the topic of big sports and its background.

23.Triple Frontier (2019)

A group of us special forces operatives decide on an adventure-the elimination of a latin american drug lord and the appropriation of his fortune. At the beginning of the “tenth” project was going to put Katherine Bigelow (the “Triple Border” and “Lord of the Storm” one writer), but the start of filming stalled and the place of Tom Hanks, Will Smith and Johnny Depp took Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac. but much more important than what the movie looks like – how this movie “sounds”: the soundtrack to the tape was written by the composer of the tapes “it haunts” and” under silver lake”, half of the fantastic fascination of which lies in the music.

22.Highwaymen (2019)

The story of legendary gangsters bonnie and clyde, told on behalf of two detectives on their trail. A non-trivial look at the legendary story, where the roles of cops-bloodhounds were played by Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner. The participation of the latter completely throws a bridge to the story of the capture of another criminal legend-Al Capone in “The Untouchables”. The movie was directed by John Lee Hancock-director of the movies “Save Mr. Banks” and” The Founder ” with Michael Keaton.

21.Rim of the World (2019)

A group of schoolchildren come to the camp for the holidays, where they witness an alien invasion. trailers sell the movie as a full-length “Very strange things”, but in fact McGee’s new movie (“Terminator: May the Savior Come”) turns out to be a mixture of “Independence Day”, “Stooges” and almost any teenage-sci fi movie from the ‘ 80s… i.e. it turns out to be “Very strange things”. Shot from the script of the author of “Thor” and “X-Men: First Class”.

20.Murder Mystery (2019)

A cop and his wife enjoy a European vacation and find themselves wrongly accused of the mysterious murder of a billionaire. A new example of the collaboration of Jen Aniston and Adam Sandler as a conditional sequel to their previous collaboration “Pretend to be my wife”, which is compared to “Get knives” and”Murder on the Orient Express”. Shot from the script of the author of “Base Clayton” and “Zodiac” Fincher.

19.Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

The story of an unknown artist who invented a new identity – a daring and successful singer, stand-up innovator, hip-hop founder and invincible movie hero-Dolemite. An inspiring and kind story about a dream and boundless optimism; a belief in success and a willingness to sacrifice everything for a once-in-a-lifetime chance. The movie resonates with the current state of the career of Eddie Murphy (who played dolemite), which adds a lot of extra points to the tape. watch and listen carefully to what and how the characters say-strictly in the author’s voice-over translation, no dubbing.

18.The King (2019)

After the death of his tyrant father-King Henry 5 – the heir to the throne must deal with the palace intrigues, the war unleashed by his father and his own emotional problems. The second joint scenario project of the authors of the excellent “Rover” takes the viewer to Medieval England, where Joel Edgerton, the daughter of Depp and Paradis, Robert Patinson and, perhaps, the main rising star – Timothy Chalamet will sort things out with a sword and a word. Based on the play by W. Shakespeare. It is definitely one of the best Netflix movies

17.Klaus (2019)

To beat the arrogance out of the rich heir, the father sends his son to serve as a postman for a year in a remote northern town. The new place keeps its secrets and soon the hero’s life takes a sudden turn, which results in the birth of all the famous Christmas traditions. In the world of the winning pixel, “Klaus” looks like a breath of fresh air and not just illuminates the famous traditions of Christmas from a new angle, but does it so original and humorous that only the heartless members of the movie Academy can resist its charm, who snatched the Oscar from his hand-drawn hands and gave it to the harmful impostor “Toy Story 4”.

16.Okja (2017)

Have you watched Parasites, been thrilled, and want to see what else Paul Jude-ho has done? Okja is for you! The movie tells the story of a girl midji, who for ten years lived in the mountains of south korea with her friend-a big and shy monster named “Okja”. One day, their quiet life is interrupted by a powerful international company that decides to take their property back and move the monster to New York. Now fourteen-year-old Midge will have to escape from her village into the dangerous modern world and save her friend. “Okja” is one of Netflix’s best original movies. This is an amazing cross between caustic satire and inescapable sadness, in which there is a place for both reflections on the problems of modern society and thoughts about the inevitability of future events.

15.Private Life (2018)

Seeing the title of the film, you might think that this is another picture about security and its absence on the Internet, but do not judge the movie by the title. The movie will tell about Rachel and Richard — a typical married couple over 40. Their marriage is bursting at the seams due to the fact that they can’t have children. The couple tried many methods of fertilization, but all attempts were unsuccessful. It seems to them that everything is lost and there is no hope anymore, but suddenly a girl Sandy appears in their life, who helps the couple to take a new look at life.

14.The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

One of the best movies of the Coen brothers (and according to some critics, even the best) on Netflix! Yes, yes. The picture consists of six pictures that are not connected with each other by the plot, but united by the theme of the wild west. “the ballad of buster scruggs” tells the story of an apt singer. “under algodones” is about a bank robber who gets what he wants. “Entrance for food” is a dark story about two tired musicians-wanderers. “All of Gold canyon” tells the story of a prospector who mines gold. “The Girl who was Scared” is a lyrical story about a sudden love with an unexpected ending in the best traditions of the Coen brothers. “the remains” is a philosophical parable about a group of strangers who travel in a stagecoach.

13.The Irishman (2019)

Netflix’s most expensive project, one of Martin Scorsese’s best movies, a true gangster saga. You guessed it! It’s the Irishman!  The movie is an adaptation of Charles Brandt’s novel “I Heard You Paint Houses”, which tells the story of the life of a real-life criminal Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran. The movie takes place in the United States, in the 50s of the last century. In the center of the story is Frank Sheeran — a simple truck driver who is never averse to earning extra money on the side or to appropriate part of the cargo he carries, but he has no desire to become a gangster. But one day, fate brings Sheeran together with crime boss Russell Buffalino, who takes Sheeran under his wing, gives him small errands, makes him a mafia hitman, and then brings him together with a famous trade unionist Jimmy Hoffa, with whom Sheeran quickly finds a common language. But what this friendship will turn out to be, no one can imagine. This is one of the best movies on netflix right now.

12.Marriage Story (2019)

The movie tells the story of a couple-New York theater director Charlie and his theater actress Nicole, who are in the process of divorce. Charlie was happy with their marriage, but Nicole believes that she has lost herself and, taking her son, moves to her mother in Los Angeles. There, she was already offered a role in the series and recommended a high-class lawyer-a professional in divorce matters. Now Charlie will also have to find a lawyer, while being torn between the West and East Coasts to continue working and seeing his son. “Marriage Story” — the most high-quality, touching and touching family melodrama, which has become quite small. So, if you are suddenly a fan of such a movie, or just in search of a good family movie, be sure to pay attention to this picture.

11.Uncut Gems (2019)

The movie takes place in 2012. Howard Ratner is the owner of a small jewelry store in New York, a big fan of the nba, a fan of betting and, of course, a debtor. one day, an accomplice brings an NBA star — the leading player of the Boston Celtics, Kevin Garnett, to his store. At the same time, a parcel arrives from Ethiopia with rare uncut black opals. Fascinated by their brilliance, Garnett asks to borrow a piece of rock for a few days and leaves a championship ring as a pledge. Howard loses no time in pawning the ring at a nearby pawn shop. On the amount of the proceeds he makes a bet on the Celtics. The movie received extremely high critical acclaim. Most critics even agreed that this is one of the best works of the Safdie brothers and the best role of Adam Sandler. So the “jewels in the Rough” is definitely worth a look.

10.The Platform (2019)

Nasty, exciting, dystopian and quite timely “The Platform” – a new picture of Halder Gastelu-Urrutia. The main character Goren agrees to participate in some kind of social experiment and soon wakes up in a practically empty room of level 48, which contains large rectangular holes in the floor and ceiling. At each level there are a couple of people, how many levels are unknown. The floors are connected by a common well, through which a platform with food descends once a day. The lower people are, the less likely they are to eat — the inhabitants of the lower floors die of hunger, the inhabitants of the upper ones feast. Every month there is a castling — the inhabitants of the lower floors may be at the top, the inhabitants of the upper ones at the bottom. Everyone is allowed to take only one item. The main character chose the book “Don Quixote”, but the choice of his neighbor fell on a self-sharpening knife.The movie was first shown as part of last year’s Toronto International movie Festival, where “Platform” won in the “Midnight Madness” category, and after its release on Netflix, the movie received laudatory reviews not only from critics, but also from ordinary viewers.

9.Gerald’s Game (2017)

Jessie Burlingame and her husband go to a country house for the weekend. However, the husband suddenly dies of a heart attack, and she remains bedridden. There is no escape, and Jessie begins to hallucinate. Or maybe a real monster really comes to her. One of the most intimate novels of Stephen King has found a very witty movie adaptation. The authors of the picture were able to visualize the action in an interesting way, which in the book took place only in the thoughts of the main character.

8.Bird Box 9 (2018)

After the creatures appeared on Earth, when looking at which a person sees his greatest fear, the world was in chaos. The main character hides in her house for five years, but then she and her children have to go out to look for a new safe place. But you need to move around blindfolded. After the release of this film, many found it similar to”A Quiet Place”. Except that in John Krasinski’s painting it was about hearing and sounds, and here it was about vision. But “Bird Box” turned out to be a very good horror, while monsters are almost not shown in it.

7.The Other Side of the Wind (2018)

The unfinished movie by the legendary Orson Welles tells the story of director Jake Hannaford. His fame is long gone, but the master hopes to regain his popularity by shooting a provocative picture. Wells worked on his experimental movie from 1970 to 1976, shooting hundreds of hours of material. In 1980, he made a rough installation, but after the death of the author, the never-released picture was forgotten for a long time due to rights problems. And only in 2018, on Netflix, the viewer was presented with the final version of the Welles movie — a kind of farewell of the director to the old cinema. If you’re looking for what to watch on Netflix, we highly recommend this movie.

6.Annihilation (2018)

After the fall of an unknown space object to Earth, a mysterious zone appears around it, in which the laws of nature themselves change. After the disappearance of several groups of male scientists, women are sent to the zone to investigate the anomalies and try to make contact with the aliens. And the main character has her own motives for studying. Her husband returned from the zone completely changed. Director Alex Garland, already famous at that time for the complex picture “Out of the Car”, took the book by Jeff Vandermeer as the basis for the plot. But he radically changed the plot, turning fiction into a story about the relationship between man and nature, where analogies with the appearance of cancer and other mutations are clearly traced. And it is thanks to Netflix that the picture has remained as it was conceived by the author. After all, for rental, the ending of the movie was required to be changed to a simpler one.

5.El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

Jesse Pinkman escapes from drug labs, which is managed by a neo-Nazi Todd Alquist. Taking the El Camino car, the hero hides from the bandits and the police and tries to figure out what to do next with his life. Fans have been waiting for the continuation of the legendary series “Breaking Bad”for years. Moreover, it was filmed in absolute secrecy, and even Aaron Paul, who played the main role, denied all rumors about the production. And the full-length ending of the story turned out absolutely in the spirit of the original.

4.The Two Popes (2019)

In 2013, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio arrived at the Vatican at the invitation of Pope Benedict XVI. He wants to resign, but the pontiff refuses to accept it. Instead, the pope invites the cardinal to take his place, as he wants to abdicate. a very bold movie based on real and very recent events that have greatly influenced the image of the catholic church. Benedict XVI was the first Pope to renounce his title. The movie was played by great actors Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. And The story itself, with a considerable amount of humor, shows that such a position is a heavy burden.

3.Roma (2018)

In the mid‑70s, a poor girl named Cleo Gutierrez lived in a neighborhood of Mexico City called Roma. She works as a maid in a large family with four children and tries to get her life back together. But soon her boyfriend escapes after learning that Cleo is pregnant. And at the same time, her father leaves the family of her employers. Alfonso Cuaron’s picture became one of the main nominees for the “Oscar” in 2018. “Roma” was presented in 10 categories and took three awards. And most importantly, the director paid tribute to his past in this way: Cuaron grew up in the same area of Roma.

2.6 Underground (2019)

Having faked his own death, the conscious billionaire begins a new life-he recruits a squad of mercenaries from different countries to fight evil in this world. All members of the team receive numbers instead of names, and their goal is to overthrow the dictator and liberate the people of the country of Tajikistan. Director Michael Bay gathered a starry crowd of actors and did not skimp on action. It turned out to be spectacular, but in some places it was a bit bland.

1.Shaft (2019)

The first movie with this name was released in ’71, so with “Shaft” you can be on “you ” – the franchise is almost fifty years old. And the first film, by the way, even won an Oscar for best song. In the opening picture, as in the two that followed, the main role is played by Richard Roundy, and in the first “Shaft” there was almost no humor: John Shaft-the most senior, a private detective, was practically a Blade on the streets of real New York, and there was no time to give witty comments. In the fourth film, “Detective Shaft” or another simply “Shaft” in the original, Richard Roundtree is replaced by Samuel L. Jackson as the nephew of john shaft-most-senior-john shaft-just-senior. However, the personality of the main character in the fourth movie changed no more than the name: the character of Jackson remained the same brutal and serious fighter against crime, and in the genres of “Shaft” from 2000, there was still no comedy. But in the new, fifth part, the main character was John Shaft Jr.-a tolerant, neat, helpful guy who is used to solving everything with words. Junior Shaft is not a rag, he just lives in the information society and works in the department of combating cybercrime, so words are more effective than a shotgun for him. And loyal fans of the history of the Shaftov family will have to accept the changes in the last part: a new world — new rules, a new genre. And to make it easier to get used to, in the story John Shaft Jr. will call for help in the investigation of the murder of his father’s best friend John (Jackson) Shaft and his grandfather John (Roundtree) Shaft. Three generations, three approaches to work and three tons of jokes.