Best Romance Movies

25.Days of Summer (2009)

A sober look at the relationship of the sexes in the film about how a young man remembers the girl who left him
The young man remembers the girl who left him, despite their shared love for The Smiths. “This is not a love story, but a love story,” one of the advertising slogans says. On the formal grounds of a romantic comedy, the film is desperately trying to isolate itself from the stagnant genre. And it really looks extremely fresh at the level of color palette, texture, sounds.

24.Adam (2009)

A melodrama about an autistic astronomer
Autistic Adam (Hugh Dancy) works as an engineer in a small firm and is interested in astronomy. One day, he meets a new neighbor named Beth (Rose Byrne) — and his whole world turns upside down. A touching indie film that won a prize at Sundance and tells about the cosmos hidden inside a person. As often happens in such films, the lion’s share of the charm of the picture rests on the performers of the main roles, who here mix tragedy with comedy — and are not without self-irony: so, the main character on a date jokingly compares himself to Forrest Gump.

23.Amélie (2001)

Audrey Tautou’s main film
The film is about a young eccentric who started the mechanisms of someone else’s happiness, and played hide-and-seek with her own. Montmartre, where she lives, is a paradise of Hollywood movies from the 50s, with attics, Renoir paintings, concierges and cafe regulars, and it was this style that defined fashion (at least in shoes and accessories) in 2001. For the newborn cinema of the XXI century, Amelie Poulin is like Marianne for France: a girl-symbol.

22.The English Patient (1996)

Juliette Binoche nurses a burned pilot
The Second World War is coming to an end. A nurse looks after a burned pilot shot down over the Sahara. Who he is remains a mystery. Slowly fading, he recalls his passionate affair with a married woman.

21.The Age of Adaline (2015)

A melodrama about a girl who doesn’t age
Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) was born in 1908. At the age of 29, she was involved in a car accident — and inexplicably stopped aging. For eight decades, she has never told anyone her real name and has been constantly running away from relationships, but one day she meets a young man named Ellis (Michiel Heisman), who makes her heart flutter. Beautiful (luxurious scenery, bright outfits) melodrama, showing the XX century through the eyes of a runaway bride.

20.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Michel Gondry’s melodrama
One of the best modern music video makers Gondry (“Call of Nature”) adapted another fantasy of the fashionable Charlie Kaufman (“Adaptation”, “Confessions of a Dangerous Man”, “Being John Malkovich”). All the action takes place in the head of Jim Carrey, who is trying to forget his beloved (Winslet), then, on the contrary, desperately clings to memories. Despite the fantastic surroundings — a very sad movie.

19.An Education (2008)

A sad retro comedy about a 16-year-old Englishwoman who is seduced by an adult coxcomb
1961, London high school student Jenny (Mulligan) — from a modest but decent family-is preparing to go to Oxford, and for socialization plays the cello. The musical instrument — or rather, the rain threatening to ruin it-really sets her up with David (Sarsgaard). The secret of the success of “Education” — which appears on all the solid shortlists, including the Oscar one — seems to be that the drama about the seduction of an innocent sheep by a rich adult libertine turned out to be a pleasant film, as they say, in all respects, and also almost a comedy.

18.The Graduate (1967)

Classic Hollywood comedy with Dustin Hoffman
A romantic comedy about a young college graduate who has an affair with a lady of Balzac’s age, and then falls in love with her daughter. Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack. Oscar for directing.

17.Vertigo (1958)

Retired detective Scotty Ferguson suffers from a pathological fear of heights and loves a woman who has a split personality
Agreeing to the plea of an old friend (Tom Helmore) to keep an eye on his wife, suffering from a split personality (Kim Novak), former cop Scotty Ferguson (James Stewart), suffering from a fear of heights, and does not suspect that he will play a false role in a sinister intrigue, fall in love twice and find himself on the very edge that separates love from madness and death. Although the film is based on the novel “From the Realm of the Dead” by Boileau and Narsejac, it is not a detective story — it compromises the mystery. Half an hour before the finale, Hitchcock reveals all the cards, shifting the focus from crime to feelings. But the love that the film could be about is also compromised by the cruelty and selfishness of the hero, who “remakes” one beloved into another.

16.Blue Valentine (2010)

Romance with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams
A young but shabby married couple with below-average incomes (he is a house painter, she is a nurse), having thrown the child to her grandfather, gets drunk in some shabby motel, furnished like a spaceship and illuminated in blue. Like any good movie about love, “Valentine” takes not generalizations, but trifles: in it, in principle, there is nothing but endless hesitations, reservations, small gestures. Director Derek Cianfrance deliberately sacrifices the drama of the relationship in favor of their fine motor skills; so the memory puts out of brackets almost everything except insignificant nonsense, and in the end it turns out that they are the most important.

15.Dirty Dancing (1987)

The main role of Patrick Swayze
17-year-old Frances, nicknamed Baby, an innocent spoiled girl from a wealthy family, spends the holidays with her parents in a resort hotel. She meets Johnny, a handsome professional dancer, and becomes his student and mistress.

14.My Best Friend’s Girl (2008)

Romcom about a man who, as a favor to a friend, portrays an unpleasant type in front of his beloved girlfriend
Tank (Dane Cook) makes a living by giving back to unsuccessful boyfriends their girls — with the help of a simply unbearable date. One day, Tanya asks for such a service from his best friend Dustin (Jason Biggs), who is in love with his colleague Alexis (Kate Hudson), but events take an unexpected turn. “How to get rid of a guy in 10 days” on the contrary — but still with the same Kate Hudson in the title role.

13.Disco Pigs (2001)

Irish drama of growing up
Based on the play of the same name, the film is about two teenagers from the city of Croke — Darren (Cillian Murphy) and Sinead (Elaine Cassidy), who call themselves Pig and Piggy. They have been friends since childhood and live in their own world, but when teenagers find themselves on the threshold of adulthood, their friendship begins to crack at the seams and turns into a tragedy. Shock-drama, sister of “My Brother Tom”, which in fact opened the actor Cillian Murphy, who played the same role here as in the play of the same name.

12.Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Comedy about a fat clumsy Englishwoman
The life of a British girl is terrible: even unfamiliar people at a party are disgustingly interested in why she is not married. Unable to turn the conversation to another topic, 32-year-old Bridget Jones (Zellweger) suffers, drinks a lot, eats and sleeps with her boss, a beautiful and bad man (Grant), and does not notice a beautiful and good man for a long time because he does not dress well. A comedy based on the best-selling novel by Helen Fielding.

11.The Notebook (2004)

Sentimental melodrama by Nick Cassavetes
Noah (Gosling) and Ellie (McAdams) fell in love in the summer of 1940 in a small South American town. They were in their early twenties, riding the ferris wheel, going to the movies, lying on the riverbank — until Ellie’s wealthy parents became alarmed about her affair with a carpenter and took their daughter to New York. This is the beginning of a story that old Noah (Garner) tells in a nursing home to his wife Ellie (Rowlands), who has lost her memory and sanity under the onslaught of age and Alzheimer’s. A good-quality, but incredibly sentimental melodrama.

10.If Only (2004)

Fantastic melodrama about a second chance
Overwhelmed from head to toe with affairs, Ian (Paul Nicholls) does not find time for his beloved Samantha (Jennifer Love Hewitt), which greatly depresses the girl. It is only when she is killed in a car accident that the man begins to understand what he has lost. The story is about the opportunity to live again, perhaps, the most important day in your life.

9.Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Classic comedy with Audrey Hepburn as the glamorous Fifa
Day after day, on a milky morning, a silk-clad kralja stops a taxi at a Tiffany window, eats a sandwich with a view of the tiaras, and goes home to sleep. Passers-by unknowingly call it breakfast. The film adaptation of the book of the same name by Truman Capote and a good-natured satire, which over the past forty years, hundreds of idle canaries took for a self-help guide.

8.Meet Joe Black (1998)

Brad Pitt as the angel of death, who decided to find out what love is
In the life of the rich and influential newspaper magnate William Parrish, Death itself appears, taking the guise of a charming young man named Joe Black. Death, tired of his usual duties, offers Parrish an unusual agreement: the tycoon will become Joe’s guide to the world of the living, where Black plans to spend his vacation, but at the end of the holidays, Death will take Parrish with him.

7.Casablanca (1942)

Classic romance by Michael Kertitsa

  1. American Rick Blaine owns a nightclub in Casablanca. One day, a couple appears in his establishment — a member of the Resistance, Viktor Laszlo, and his wife Ilsa. She had once been Rick’s lover. Victor asks Rick to get the “transit letters” – documents that allow him to leave Casablanca. A grandiose film about how the end of the inhuman love of some becomes the beginning of the beautiful friendship of others.

6.When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

Melodrama with Meg Ryan
A romantic comedy about Harry and Sally, former classmates, who only 12 years after graduating from university realized that they love each other. One of the most favorite movies of American girls. It’s like Woody Allen, sprinkled with popcorn and retold in an easy, understandable form, without boredom and pseudo-intellectual quotes.

5.Man Up (2015)

A single Woman Mistakenly Goes on a Blind Date that Helps Her Find the Perfect Boyfriend
By the age of 34, Nancy (Lake Bell) has a successful career, but an unsettled personal life. Jack (Simon Pegg), whom she accidentally meets at the train station, can save the situation, but there is a catch: the young man thinks that Nancy is the girl with whom he had a blind date, although this is not true. The curious situation is not simplified by Nancy herself, who, on impulse, decides to play someone else’s role. Cute romantic comedy about how to find yourself, you have to pretend to be someone else.

4.Likes or Dislikes (2014)

Michelle Williams can’t choose between two men
Sarah Polly’s tender film is about a married girl played by Michelle Williams, her husband Seth Rogen and their romantic neighbor. Canadian actress Sarah Polley, who shot “Away from Her” — the love story of an elderly married couple-at the age of 26, seems to have a firm grip on the topic of family relations. There is something frightening in the boldness of her film, the degree of frankness with which she speaks to the audience, how easily she manages to capture on film not a story, but a feeling — a fragile memory of a former love, when everything superfluous is washed out of memory by itself, and only a light sadness mixed with bitter happiness remains.

3.Two Lovers (2008)

A melodrama about the emotional struggles of an infantile New York Jew
Sandra (Vanessa Shaw) – sweet, caring, loves the “Sound of Music” and is the daughter of an entrepreneur Kogan, whose network will soon profitably absorb his father’s dry cleaning. Michelle (Gwyneth Paltrow) – the blonde from the window opposite, the eternal secretary, dancing in the club or crying, living on the support of a married lover (Elias Koteas). One floats itself to Leonard (Joaquin Phoenix) in his hands, but the other can be sighed about at night. One will buy him warm gloves, the other will be nice to stand on the roof. “Lovers” is about a compromise between what is desired and available, between children’s impulsiveness and adult responsibility, between blondes and brunettes, which good, delicate people agree to in order not to offend anyone. The compromise for which they have come up with so many synonyms-just not to rest on the original values.

2.In the Mood for Love (2000)

The greatest of melodramas
It was 1962. He and she lived in the same communal apartment. Neighbors played mahjong until morning in the stifling electric comfort, and it was worth opening the window — and the warm air of spring Hong Kong created a special mood. The mood to fall in love. “It’s nice to remember in the hour of sunset love, forgotten once” – this is just about the new film Kar Vai. The film is built on the same principles as memory works: it is not the objective hierarchy of things that is at the forefront, but the Proustian superiority of the taste of cake over the shocks of life. The feeling called love is as ephemeral as memory. Kar Wai made the greatest of melodramas, if only because he found the strength to recognize such qualities of love as the volatility and randomness of the choice of its object. And with a fervor of romance, which had already been thought extinct in the time of Aramis, he reminded the broken-hearted of their lost tenderness. I conveyed a special mood through the film. The mood to fall in love.

1.Romeo + Juliet (1996)

A modernised version of Shakespeare’s tragedy
The action of Shakespeare’s tragedy is transferred to America in the mid-90s, the characters are the children of warring criminal bosses. Baz Luhrmann’s film is about “Romeo and Juliet of the postmodern era”. In this film (and later in “Moulin Rouge”), Luhrmann reflected the situation of postmodernism in full in the cinema. It is significant that his Romeo is mannered and feminine. Everything is mixed up in the world, and the feminine Romeo, who loves girls, is one of his new signs.