Best Horror Movies

We present you the best 25 horror movies of different years that will appeal to fans of the genre. Usually, horror movies do not receive prestigious movie awards, but have a huge number of fans. People like to watch what is happening on the screen, feeling safe at home or in the cinema.

25.It (2017)

The movie is based on the novel by Stephen King and directed by Andy Muschetti. “It” became the second full-length project in the Director’s career. Before that, he became famous for the horror movie “Mama” (2013), for which he wrote the script. In total, Muschetti’s IMDb dossier includes six directorial works and two projects planned for 2020. He is also the author of scripts for four movies, of which only one is full-length. The lack of rich experience did not prevent Andy from making a successful movie, which, with a budget of $35 million, earned $700 million at the global box office. IMDb users rated it 7.3 points, and the movie has 69 points on Metacritic. The story about teenage losers who United against the terrible clown Pennywise, was liked not only by the audience, but also by the author himself, who rarely speaks well of movie adaptations of his own works. In 2019, a sequel to the movie was released, which also enjoyed success.

24.The Conjuring (2013)

Every year, various horrors are filmed in the world. The top 10 movies of the genre in recent years will certainly include pictures that James Wan was involved in creating. “The Spell” marked the beginning of an entire movie universe, which at the beginning of 2020 includes seven full-length movies and five short movies. This year, it will be updated with “The Spell 3” tape. With a budget of $20 million, the movie “The Spell” grossed $319.4 million and received high ratings from critics and viewers. IMDb users rated the feed 7.5 points, and critics on Metacritic-68 points. The movie tells the story of ed and Lorraine Warren, who took up the investigation of paranormal phenomena on the farm of the Perron family and encountered terrible phenomena. Interestingly, “The Spell” is not the only successful project of James Wan. He was a screenwriter for the Saw (2003, 2004, 2006) and Astral (2013) franchises, and also directed several movies from these series.

23.The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Horror movies, the top of which are various fan sites, often repeat the cliches of the genre. Director Drew Goddard copied the plot of the cult movie “the Sinister dead” (1981), adding to it a remote hut in which a secret experiment is conducted, and a group of students who die as the story progresses. A mixture of satire and horror ensured the movie’s success. Critics on Metacritic gave it 72 points, and IMDb users — 7. According to IMDb, the picture was awarded 20 prizes. Interestingly, “Cabin in the woods” is Goddard’s directorial debut. In his movieography on IMDb, there are only five directorial works, including a TV series, a TV movie and a documentary short. Drew is best known as the screenwriter of the horror movies “World War Z” (2013) and “Monstro”(2008)

22.Mirrors (2008)

The best movies should definitely be supplemented with remakes of Asian paintings. The movie “Mirrors “is based on the South Korean horror movie “Through the Looking Glass” (2003) directed by Alexander Azha. His IMDb movieography includes 12 directorial works and 11 screenplays. He is known as the screenwriter and Director of such popular horror movies as “Bloody harvest “(2003) and “The Hills Have Eyes” (2006). The movie “Mirrors” received negative reviews from critics. It has a score of 35 on Metacritic. The audience was more supportive of the movie and on IMDb have rated it at 6.2 points. This is only 0.2 points lower than the South Korean original. At the box office, the movie with a budget of $35 million collected $77 million, which allowed the creators to release a sequel two years later. The story tells about Ben, a security guard at an abandoned shopping center, who begins to notice that strange images are reflected in the mirrors of storefronts.

21.Paranormal Activity (2007)

The movie was released eight years after the Blair Witch (1999), and its budget was four times less – $15 thousand. It grossed $193.3 million at the box office, marking the beginning of a successful franchise. The movie’s rating on Metacritic is 68 points, and on IMDb — 6.3. Also, Disney movies for teenagers: list for Oren Peli, “Paranormal activity” was the directorial debut that launched his cinematic career. For 2020, his IMDb file indicates that Peli wrote 10 scripts, seven of which are movies of the “Paranormal” franchise. He also has 17 production works to his credit, six of which are movies from the Paranormal franchise and four from the Astral franchise. The story is about a young couple who buy a house in San Diego. Their peace is disturbed by strange night sounds, and the owners decide to put a camera to understand what happens when they sleep.

20. The Girl Next Door (2007)

The best horror stories described in literary works do not always repeat the success of the original on the big screens. So, the movie is based on the novel of the same name by Jack Ketcham. Adapted the work of Gregory Wilson. His IMDb file States that “The Girl Next Door” is his second feature movie. In total, Wilson’s movieography includes three directorial works, two acting works, and one screenplay. The movie, also known in the Russian box office as “The Girl Opposite”, caused polar opinions of critics. It has a low score of 29 on Metacritic. At the same time, on Rotten Tomatoes, critics gave the picture 67%, and IMDb users-6.6 points. Interestingly, Stephen king included “The Girl Next Door” in his own top horror movies that he admires. The movie tells the story of a teenager, David, who witnessed the abuse of two orphaned girls by his neighbors.

19.REC (2007)

Directors Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza made the best horror movies in Spain. The first became famous thanks to the paintings ” Darkness “(2002) and” Fragility “(2005), and the Plaza — thanks to the movies” Second name “(2002) and” Hunting for a werewolf ” (2004). Together they shot the movie” Reportage ” in the genre of pseudo-documentary movies (mockumentary). Horror movies of this genre do not require a lot of money, but they pay off well at the box office. A striking example is the painting “The Blair Witch”, which, with a budget of $60 thousand, brought the creators $248.6 million. “REC” also recouped production costs 16.2 times, earning $32.5 million at the global box office. The movie received 7.4 points from IMDb users, but there is no information about critics ‘ ratings on the Metacritic website. The story tells about a journalist who, together with rescuers, arrives at a house whose inhabitants are infected with a terrible virus. Their bite turns a person into a bloodthirsty creature. The heroine watches the death of the rescue team and is left alone with the infected. The picture had several sequels, which you can also evaluate in your free time.

18.1408 (2007)

None of the top horror movies can be imagined without adaptations of the master of the genre Stephen king. The movie “1408” was directed by Swedish-born Director Mikael Hofstrom. His career has included dramas, detective stories, TV movies and TV series, as well as the horror movie ” The spirit of the drowned man “(2004) and the Thriller” the Price of treason ” (2005). The movie “1408” was the Director’s fifth feature movie. The movie was positively reviewed by critics. This is indicated by 64 points on the Metacritic website. The picture was also a success with the audience. This is evidenced not only by the 6.8 points on IMDb, but also by the box office results, which exceeded the production budget by 5.2 times and amounted to $132 million. The story tells about a writer who devoted his life to exposing myths about the paranormal. Once in room 1408 of the Dolphin hotel, he is faced with terrible events that make him doubt his own rightness.

17.The Omen (2006)

Calling the best horror of all time, fans of the genre will certainly remember the picture “Omen” (1976). It won the Oscar for best soundtrack and grossed $60.9 million on a budget of $2.8 million. The 2006 movie is a remake. It was directed by John Moore, who directed two short movies and two full-length action movies before omen — Behind enemy lines (2001) and Flight of the Phoenix (2004). The movie received average reviews from critics and viewers. It has 43 points on Metacritic and 5.5 on IMDb. For comparison, the original movie has 62 points on Metacritic and 7.5 on IMDb. Nevertheless, the movie paid off at the box office, grossing $120 million, which is 4.8 times the production budget. The story tells about the American diplomat Thorne, who instead of the son who died in childbirth, took the baby of an unknown woman. With age, the boy begins to show frightening abilities, and the father realizes that he is raising the Antichrist himself. 

16.Silent Hill (2006)

The list of horror movies will not be complete if you do not remember the movie, which is based on the game of the same name for PC. The movie was directed by French Director Christophe Gan. Silent hill is his fourth feature movie of his career. Gun became known for the movie ” the Book of the dead “(1993), based on the works of horror master Howard Lovecraft, and the historical action movie with horror elements” the Brotherhood of the wolf ” (2001). With a production budget of $50 million and a marketing budget of $25 million, the movie grossed $97 million and $ 22 million from DVD sales. “Silent Hill” received negative reviews from critics, with a score of 31 on Metacritic, and more favorable reviews from viewers. The latter rated the picture on IMDb at 6.5 points. The story is about the journey of a woman named Rose in the mysterious town of Silent Hill. She did not know about the existence of this locality until her adopted daughter fell ill and started repeating its name in her sleep. Arriving at the place, Rose was faced with terrible monsters. 

15.The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

The best horror movies of all time are based on true stories. The movie focuses on the trial of the priest Ernst Alt, who in 1976 was accused of the death of Anneliese Michel after he performed an exorcism. The movie was directed by Scott Derrickson-Director and screenwriter of the fifth movie of the legendary franchise “Hellraiser” (2005). In his version, the dead woman’s name was Emily Rose, and the priest’s name was father more. The movie was shot at the intersection of horror and court drama genres. The movie was not liked by critics, as evidenced by 46 points on Metacritic, but was a success with viewers. This is indicated by 6.7 points on IMDb and the results of the box office – $145.2 million, which is 7.5 times more than the production budget of the picture.

14.El espinazo del diablo (2001)

The movie was directed by Guillermo del Toro, a Director and screenwriter known for science fiction and horror movies. He won an Oscar for the movie about the love of a water monster and a man ” the Shape of water “(2017), as well as a BAFTA award for the fantasy drama” the Faun’s Labyrinth ” (2006). The movie was produced by Pedro Almodovar. Del Toro has previously had the opportunity to work on horror movies. The movies ” Mutants “(1997) and” Chronos “(1993) were his first projects in the genre, and” devil’s Ridge ” — the third full-length movie in his career. This horror movie was a success with audiences and critics. IMDb users gave it a score of 7.4, and the movie was rated 78 on Metacritic. The action of the picture, as in the “Labyrinth of the Faun”, takes place during the Spanish civil war. The main character, a teenage Carlos, finds himself in an orphanage, where he is forced not only to confront bullies, but also to help the Ghost of a boy named Santi, who disappeared during the bombing.

13.Come Back to Me (2014)

The main character Sarah tries her hand at the field of practical psychology. Her chosen one, Josh, works as a croupier on the night shift. Lovers – an unremarkable married couple, they live in the most ordinary house in a respectable residential area and do their own business. From the outside, it seems that young people dote on each other and are absolutely happy, but behind the beautiful facade there is a personal drama. The girl wholeheartedly wants to have a child, but nothing happens. However, the real nightmare begins with meeting an eccentric neighbor. Sarah has a very realistic dream of her own death every night, and in the morning the house is sparkling clean. Trying to deal with the problem leads to the conclusion that the horrific events are not the fruit of an inflamed imagination.

12.The Last Exorcism Part II (2013)

Nell is found in a pitiful state at the edge of the forest, all dirty, ragged, and bruised. The girl is scared to death, she lost her entire family in the course of a terrible ritual, and she narrowly escaped the same fate. The main character is sent for rehabilitation to a New Orleans shelter for girls. But no one would have thought that the body of the unfortunate victim of religious fanatics was possessed by a demon. The advantage of the “Last exile” is a high – quality picture and a thickening of colors as we approach the denouement.

11.Martyrs (2008)

Rarely in any horror movies there is a clear philosophical line. Often the plot is extremely primitive, but this can not be said about the “Martyrs”. Baby Lucy had been missing for almost a year when she was found on a country road. Unknown people kept the victim in the slaughterhouse, but what exactly was going on in the place of detention, the captive refuses to say. The picture exposes the nerves and brings confusion of feelings to the head. Scenes of cruelty are shown too realistically. The audience literally wants to howl. After watching it you start to hate people.

10.El orfanato (2007)

Laura grew up in an orphanage. If you think that all institutions for children deprived of their parents are equally terrible, then this is not true. A house on the seashore is not like that. The teachers replaced the main character’s mother and father, and the students became brothers and sisters. 13 years after graduation, the already grown-up Laura, along with her husband and seven-year-old son, returns to the childhood home. Its goal is to restore the building and open an updated shelter for destitute orphans. However, something unimaginable is happening to Laura’s own child, from a cute boy he turns into a cruel monster.

9.The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)

Two American girls Jenny and Lindsay went on a trip to European countries in their car. Fate throws them into the dense German forests, where they” accidentally ” break all the tires. In search of help, the main characters stumble upon a secluded house where a former surgeon lives. The owner tends to medical experiments and dreams of creating a creature with a single digestive system from several people. On a ten-point scale of abomination, the movie deserves a score of 100 points.

8.Let Me In (2010)

Let’s take a moment away from the ghosts and turn our attention to the vampires. A boy named Owen lives in the suburbs of New Mexico. The boy is subjected to merciless bullying from his peers, and he has no friends at all. A teenager often watches his neighbors through a telescope, and his life changes when a beautiful girl and her father settle down nearby. It’s not exactly a classic horror movie, I would call it a psychological drama with elements of mysticism, but it’s definitely worth your attention.

7.Poltergeist (2015)

Another remake of an old and familiar movie has a standard plot (noises, strange and frightening things, unexplained incidents), but it is qualitatively different in technical terms. The family moves to a new house, on the first night strange sounds are heard from neighboring rooms, lights and electrical appliances turn on by themselves. The apogee of the plot is the abduction of the youngest daughter by ghosts.

6.The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

Heart surgeon Stephen Murphy meets 16-year-old Martin, the son of a patient who died during surgery a few years ago. Stephen gets close to the boy, gives him gifts, introduces him to the family. But soon he begins to “strain” too annoying a new friend. One day, the doctor’s youngest son stops feeling his feet. Doctors shrug, the test results are normal. The mystery of what is happening is revealed by Martin: the young man believes guilty of the death of Stephen’s father. And he wants the surgeon to make a difficult choice – he will have to sacrifice someone from his family…

5.Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

Stella, Ramon, and Auggie are friends from a small town. They love to hang out together and share “horror stories”. On Halloween, the guys decide to go to a haunted house. Once several children disappeared in the vicinity of this house, now the Windows and doors are boarded up. Friends are not afraid and climb into the old house. In one of the cabinets, they find a diary – and enthusiastically read horror stories. But the next day, what you read begins to come true.

4.Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

Annabel has more than once been the cause of destruction and terrible loss. This time, demonologists ed and Lorraine Warren decide to keep the devil doll from further destruction and chaos once and for all. They bring it to a locked artifact room in their home, placing it under a “secure” lighted glass and securing the blessing of a priest. However, nothing can hold Annabel back.

3.Doctor Sleep (2019)

Danny Torrance is an adult young man who has experienced many unpleasant events in the past. At one time, he witnessed the death of his father and other horrific phenomena. After all this, Danny began to drink frequently and gradually became completely isolated from the people around him. However, now the guy wants to start life with a clean slate. It was for this purpose that he soon began working in a nursing home, where he will soon receive the nickname Doctor Sleep.

2.The Prodigy (2019)

Sarah is raising her son alone. The boy is keeping to himself, spending time alone. Miles grows up, and terrible events and misfortunes begin to happen around the family. A woman is not afraid of his childish interests in the other world. Sarah visits Dr. Jacobson, who is engaged in exorcism. The therapist puts the child in hypnosis, trying to find the cause of aggression. A dark entity is found inside the child, killing all living things.

1.The Hole in the Ground (2019)

A young woman moves with her son to a new home. Getting to know a neighbor does not bring her joy. The man seems suspicious and strange. The forest next to the house also keeps a secret. Local residents avoid it and do not let children go there. Expecting to get a quiet life in a quiet place a single mother gets paranoid. Her son begins to behave aggressively and unpredictably. The woman guesses that she did not come to this place by accident.

The collection contains movies that will appeal to horror lovers, as it has everything from mysticism to slashers and pseudo-documentaries. They frighten and make you follow the story without looking up from the screen and holding your breath. What movies would you put in the best horror movies ever that are worth watching?

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