Best Comedy Movies

Best Comedy Movies
Best Comedy Movies

No other genre of cinema is this popular. Comedies bring families together, allow declarations of love, and are finally watched to rest and just laugh heartily. We tried to choose for you those comedies that will definitely not make you regret the time spent. Please, keep attention. This list is not rated, because it is impossible to choose one from all the best comedy movies. Don’t forget to check out our list of best mafia movies!

25. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

1993 USA

The search for domestic animals is a matter that requires special qualities. Ace Ventura has them all. He loves animals more than people, and animals almost always reciprocate. And people just get cool from an impudent joker in a colored shirt wide open.

24. Dumb and Dumber

1994 USA

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels riding bike in a scene from the film ‘Dumb & Dumber’, 1994. (Photo by New Line Cinema/Getty Images)

One of the best roles for Jim Carrey, although many of the jokes here are on the verge of a foul. For example, his hero killed a parrot and screwed his head to his body with duct tape so that the owner of the parrot, a blind boy, would not understand anything. Sometimes it becomes uncomfortable with such humor, but it is impossible to tear yourself away from this comedy.

23. Oscar

1967 France

Among other roles of Louis de Funes, this one stands out. The fact is that “Oscar” is more like a television show, and this format gives the great comedian the opportunity to come off in full. The result is not long in coming: the whole movie you will laugh nonstop. Fortunately, the Soviet dubbing is so brilliant that it even enhances the feeling.

22. Operation “Y” 

1965 USSR

Three short stories about the hapless student Shurik became a huge hit, as did many other films by Leonid Gaidai. And if the first and third short stories are satirical comedies, then the second is an erotic comedy, with undressing and many others. Soviet viewers were shocked, and the censors could only get angry in powerlessness.

21. Forrest Gump

1994 USA

 Film by Robert Zemeckis, Performance by Tom Hanks. It is not just a comedy film, it has a reputation of one of the best movies ever. The subtle humor of this journalistic and pacifist work was appreciated all over the world. Perhaps there is still not a single person who watches a movie and does not know about Forrest Gump. Few people will be able to remember exactly what exactly happened to him, but individual scenes are so witty that they are engraved in their memory forever, like the innocent phrase “I need to take a piss.”

20. Some like it hot

1959 USA

This movie is definitely one of the best comedy movies of all time. We know this comedy by Billy Wilder better than anyone else, and some are even surprised later when they learn, for example, that he is the author of the gloomy Sunset Boulevard and Lost Weekend. But we have to admit: this picture, also known as “Some like it hot,” is really very funny, and as for illiteracy, “everyone has their own shortcomings.”

19. Pulp Fiction

1994 USA

Real films are not watched, but learned by heart, paraphrasing Friedrich Nietzsche. “Pulp Fiction” changed the cinema, changed the consciousness of people, became for them a replacement for a handbook and a favorite quotation book. And we still catch ourselves from time to time mumbling something like: “Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead “.

18. Roman Holiday

1953 USA

Human memory is unfair. It is unlikely that the great classic of American cinema, William Wyler, assumed that among all his films, the public in the next century would most often revise not even the luxurious peplum “Ben Hur”, but a modest comedy with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. And the song Moon River will be almost more famous than the film itself. So take it off after that.

17. Home alone

1990 USA

The robbers decided to rob the house on Christmas Day, but did not take into account that Kevin accidentally stayed at home and that this is the first prankster in the area. What a little boy does with two brutal men is beyond description, but it’s so ridiculous that no epigone film can surpass the original.

16. Annie Hall

1977 USA

Woody Allen has shot so many wonderful comedies that it is very difficult to single out even a few of them. I don’t want to offend others. But “Annie Hall” is a special case, after this film Woody Allen seemed to have grown into a director of a new level, and although there is less humor in his films and more drama, he still maintains their perfect combination. Especially at Annie Hall.

15. Bananas 

1971 USA

Woody Allen’s early comedy is a stream of witty jokes and mockery of everything from Latin American revolutions (and revolutions in general) to lovers’ quarrels who are tired of being in love. Woody Allen himself willingly portrays both Fidel Castro and an ordinary rejected young man in the film.

14. The Fifth Element 

1997 USA, France

To tell the truth, any film with Bruce Willis can be considered a comedy: as soon as an actor appears on the screen, it is as if laconic jokes are coming out of his mouth. But Willis has never had such a luxurious entourage, which was invented by the great storyteller Luc Besson. Which, by the way, is still the best film in his career. And the funniest.

13. Groundhog Day

1993 USA

The title of this film has long become a household name, although this is far from the first story about how the same day in the life of a hero repeats over and over again, driving him crazy with its predictability and predestination. If it weren’t for Bill Murray, maybe this time the film would have gone unnoticed, but Murray made the story of an urban snob in the hinterland a philosophical and ironic reflection on life, choice and love.

12. The Terminal

2004 USA

Watching a man sitting at the airport for three hours is not an arthouse, but quite an arthouse. But not when Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks get down to business. One of the best comedies of the new century, where there is politics, human dignity, and everything that makes a funny anecdote an important and vivid parable about something important for all of us.

11. Bluff storia di truffe e di  imbroglioni

1976 Italy

It is already difficult for a new generation of viewers to understand how significant the image of the singer and actor Adriano Celentano was for the Soviet people. But his songs were incredibly fashionable, and the pictures with his participation were revised a hundred times, like this adventurous comedy, where Celentano appears in the fullness of his acting talent. It is still very fun today, no one will argue.

10. Back to the Future 

1985 USA

The sci-fi trilogy by Robert Zemeckis would not have been so popular without the humor it contains. Her main character, Marty, is a poor student, a truant and an idiot who only knows how to ride a skateboard and play an electric guitar. But these two skills are quite enough to put the space-time continuum on the ears and almost ruin several generations of people close to Marty.

9. Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot

1953 France

Among the great comedians of the twentieth century, Jacques Tati stands next to Chaplin and Keaton, he is not only a humanist and joker, but the creator of a unique artistic space. And at the same time, he embodied the image of Monsieur Hulot, a silent eccentric, a sad gentleman, whose elegance at times turns into a clown, while the material world around him constantly performs chaotic ballet numbers.

8. Ted

2012 USA

Many have a favorite teddy bear in childhood, but not many come to life and eventually turn into an adult swearing man, an alcoholic and a womanizer, with whom it is a pleasure to have parties, but not a personal life. Ted is a bear with character, and he will not let some steal take away his best friend. We just can’t make a list of top comedy movies without Ted.

7. The Cameraman 

1928 USA

Like Chaplin, Buster Keaton was in no hurry to move to talkie (and he did not, to be honest) and thanks to this he released a number of masterpieces, including this film. There is something from the Lumiere and Dziga Vertov here, this is a film about the love of cinema, albeit to one pretty girl too.

6. American Pie 

1999 USA

The most important youth comedy at the turn of the millennium, a film that did not portray so much as taught, among other things, how to cope with one’s complexes and treat temporary difficulties with humor. The heroes of the film refer to the latter as their virginity, which turns out to be more difficult to get rid of than they thought.

5.Kingsman: The Secret Service 

2014 USA, UK

Parody of Bond movies and other impossible missions. Gentlemen with umbrellas scatter disgusting punks to the right and left and successfully fight against international terrorism, and getting into their ranks means turning your life into a dangerous but exciting adventure.

4. Les valseuses

1974 France

Bertrand Blier’s mischievous erotic comedy has long become a classic, and it is already difficult to perceive it as easily and freshly as the audience of the 70s did. They did not yet know who Gerard Depardieu would become over time, and for them he is just one of the characters in a funny story about two friends who fail to satisfy a sweet but completely frustrated blonde.

3. The World’s End

2013 UK

In the famous trilogy by Edgar Wright, the last film is the apotheosis of madness and absurdity. Everything here is incredible, from the desire of the heroes to go through all the pubs of their hometown and get drunk in each one to very peculiar discoveries that they have to make as they move towards their goal. Eerily funny and ridiculously creepy.

2. The Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

1975 UK

The comedians of the Monty Python group in their work managed to ridicule everyone who just came to mind, and King Arthur with the knights of the round table could not avoid this fate. Duels with self-mutilation, man-eating rabbits and many other dangers will not stop the main characters of the film, and the viewer will giggle nervously and every time mistakenly think that the guys will not be able to joke even more mischievously. This team makes not only comedy movies but also a comedy sitcom TV-show. 


1973 France, Italy

The merry fellow and mischievous Federico Fellini combines the comic and the eerie in his films, daydreams, displays phantoms of his memory, retrieves his childhood memories and gives them the significance and depth of philosophical prose. No one will remain indifferent from these childish observations, which with age have been infused like a collection wine, and have become priceless.