Best 2019 Movies

25.Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Not to say that the genius of postmodernism ever had a passing movie (except for “Proof of death”, and then there is a whole kinomaniac sect, whose members claim that this is his best work), but “Once upon a time in … Hollywood” is still a triumph of Quentin Tarantino. It was not worth waiting for the picture of a meat grinder in the style of “Pulp fiction”: Tarantino managed to make the film wildly rich in details and also aristocratically unhurried. And in the adrenaline-fueled finale, the characters of DiCaprio and pitt accidentally prevent important tragic events of the 20th century, and in the world of this film, the Golden age of Hollywood never ends. Perhaps never before has classical cinema been so fervently and elaborately confessed to love as Quentin did.

24.Marriage Story

One of the top 25 movies tells about one of the episodes in the life of Director Charlie and his wife, actress Nicole: the couple is going through a difficult divorce, in the process of which their lives will change dramatically. They will not only have to overcome their own demons, but also determine with whom the child will remain after the divorce. Noah Baumbach has made love movies before, and divorce movies, but he has never told a love story about a divorce. According to the editors of Empire magazine, the Director masterfully finds strange, sometimes funny and kind-hearted moments in the story of a broken heart, he shows his characters as real, without condemning any of the parties to the conflict.

23.Pain & Glory

The Spanish Director, a favorite of the Cannes film festival, a lover of shocking, exaltation and beautiful interiors, interrupted a series of self-replays and made a poignant film about old age, understandable even to the young.
The elderly Director Salvador male (the best role in the career of Antonio Banderas) is very ill and unable to make a new movie. The drug that allows him to cope with physical and mental pain is heroin. Maglio is drowning in saving dreams — about childhood, about the first sexual sensation, about past glory and unhappy love. Almodovar himself in this candid film reveals himself to be a vulnerable, sincere creative person, so brave to tell the whole truth about how hard life in art is. And his fictional memories of maglio are so vivid and convincing that after watching it, it seems as if all this happened once in your past-the pure magic of cinema.

22.No.7 Cherry Lane

One of the main discoveries of the Venice festival is an amazing cartoon, unlike any other not only in style, but primarily in content. Seventy-two-year-old Director and photographer Yunfan made animation for the first time, not a feature movie. This is a tender memoir about youth in rebellious Hong Kong of the 60s, full of references to cinema and literature. Yunfan invents an extraordinary life for the main character (his cute fellow student). The most insane dreams are used.


A depressed girl who recently lost her parents arrives in a Swedish village of old believers with her boyfriend, an ethnographic student who wants to leave her, but does not know how. In a good way, the crazy young Director Aster came up with “Solstice” when he broke up with a girl. The story of pampered Americans ‘ familiarity with the eerie customs of the Scandinavians turns into an exhaustive statement about a painful breakup.


A Colombian film about a group of young partisans who were armed by a junta and sent to a mountain monastery to guard a mysterious captive was missed in vain by Russian distributors. In the picture of the sorrows brought by permissiveness, much will remain a mystery to us. For example, the prehistory of the coup d’etat and the details of the biography of enthusiastically stupid heroes who shoot from machine guns with the same enthusiasm as at Zarnitsa in the pioneer camp. The Director manages to combine the aesthetics of “Lord of the flies” and “Apocalypse now”in one film. The heroes of the Comedy about the holiday of disobedience will at some point find themselves in the drama — those who will live.


Sensation is the best French movie of the year, which was directed by Israeli Nadav Lapid and has already won a prize with him at the Berlinale. This is an autobiographical picture of the mistakes of the past. The young Lapid fled Israel to Paris without a penny in his pocket, tried to reject everything Jewish and become a real Frenchman. The desperate hero lives half-starved, even agrees to star in porn, befriends a couple of young bourgeois, fictitiously marries for the sake of a cherished passport — and still remains the same infantile Jew. Restoring the circumstances of youthful stupidity, Lapid catches the breath of the Parisian streets in the frame and States that his naive plan was doomed: people do not change.

18.The Painted Bird

A very scary movie with a tragic story of creation. This is an adaptation of the allegedly autobiographical novel of the same name, which glorified the Polish writer Jerzy Kosinski (journalists accused him of plagiarism and forgery, and as a result he committed suicide).
30 years later, Czech Markhoul adapted a book for the screen, full of savage descriptions of the abuse of a Jewish boy who moves from one adopted deranged parent to another — across Eastern Europe, the cursed lands torn apart by world war II. Without too much pity for the viewer, Markhoul demonstrates a deadly poisoned world and positions the picture as the last film about the war: we do not need any more such horrors, much less wars.

17.A Hidden Life

Franz Jaegerstetter, an Austrian farmer from an Alpine village, was drafted into Hitler’s army after the Anschluss, but he did not go. It was a conscious position — a nonviolent protest by inaction. Franz is dragged around the prisons, not knowing what to do with him, since he refuses to take the oath to the Fuhrer. And at home, the recruit is waiting and raising his daughters by his wife Francisca. In contrast to the Painted bird, the ascetic Director Terrence Malick, a genius of lyrical cinema, presents a different view of war — a deeply pacifist one. “Secret life — – a moviethat breathes pure mountain air, without falsehood and pathos shows us pure happiness as harmony with ourselves, nature, family, God. And the heartbreaking finale will convince even the most cynical viewer of the unnatural nature of any war.


This is not a movie, but something more — just a dozen full meters, United by a single concept. Hrzhanovsky spent more than ten years on the project, built a giant set in Kharkiv, a surreal Institute where the orders of the Soviet closed research Institute were imitated. The artists lived for three years (!) in front of the cameras, ate authentic food, dressed in the fashion of the mid-XX century and received a salary in Soviet rubles. “Dau” is a 700-hour film, a TV series, a reality show, and a social experiment. Hrzhanovsky invented a new kind of cinema-undoubtedly one of the most interesting achievements of the year, if not more.


This movie earned a standing ovation at the Cannes film festival became the highest-grossing South Korean movie in the history of Russian distribution. And of course, this is not just so, the picture of the Asian PON Joon-Ho contains elements of Thriller, Comedy, drama and even horror. One poor family barely makes ends meet, but a lucky chance helps to get a job for one of its members in the house of rich owners. During the viewing, the viewer will have time to change his sympathy for the main characters to a persistent antipathy and back, and at the same time decide for himself who in this satirical acute social picture are the real parasites.

14.Ad Astra

Movies about flights to other planets and galaxies are now in honor. Humanity is trying to imagine what it’s like to be alone with a cold and silent starry desert, and the leisurely action movie “To the stars” is one of the options for thinking about this topic. Brad pitt silently and stubbornly plays his hero, an unsociable super-cosmonaut who managed to take his feelings under complete control. Everything changes when he learns that his father-the greatest space Explorer did not die, as he thought, but continued his search for extraterrestrial civilizations and now from his ship to Earth come alarm calls.

13. The Dead Don’t Die

The metaphor that zombies are modern humans, mesmerized by the goods and thoughts of mass consumption, is no longer new. And you have to be such a talented author as Jarmusch to make a whole Comedy horror about it-absurd, funny and bitter. Bill Murray and Adam Driver in this movie seem to compete, which of them has a more impassive and phlegmatic face. In the finale, Murray’s hero can’t stand it and before the battle with the crowd of hungry walking dead asks: Why the fuck are you so calm? To which his partner, after thinking, responds: I just read the script, I know what will happen next. Another postmodern film by Jarmusch looks like the second part of a possible misanthropic trilogy, the first was “only lovers will Survive”.

12.Captain Marvel

There was another superhero in Marvel’s stash all along, which was reserved for a special occasion. But shortly before the release of “the Avengers. Finale ” a solo film was shown about her. From it, many things became clear to the audience, for example, under what circumstances Nick fury lost his eye, but not only. Captain marvel, played by brie Larson, turned out to be a self-mocking feminist, or, if you drop all these social labels, just a great girl. Under the best hits of the 90s, she fights for the right to find out who she really is, and as a result, becomes almost the most powerful heroine of the comic universe.


Disney Studio consistently creates spectacular game musicals from its best animated fairy tales for the joy of future generations. Cult Director guy Ritchie was very careful about the original cartoon source, and his remake turned out to be as noisy, fast, funny and desperate as the original once was. Well-chosen actors, a fresh look at Princess Jasmine, who defied Convention. And will Smith in a role that rehabilitated him in the eyes of a young audience for several years to come. His Genie turned out no worse than the voice of Robin Williams. In short, here you will find “Arab night”, and “wonderful East” and many other bright and recognizable things.

10.Mid 90s

Jonah Hill made not only an excellent debut film, but a whole Manifesto for the generation of the 90s. Perhaps the last generation of children who grew up on the streets and did not know what the overprotection of parents is. Before us is a real film-growing up, a rare genre for today’s times. Baby Stevie grows up in not the most prosperous family – a single mother and a brother who does not consider him a person. To get into a cool company, you need to skate and do crazy things. Very quickly, Stevie is drawn into the maelstrom of teenage passions and temptations, from which many returned as adults, but there were also those who did not swim out.


Game reboot of the old disney animated film “Dumbo”, created already in 1941. The original cartoon for those years was completely innovative, and Tim Burton, as expected, also created an unusual version of it. In the main role here is a charming cgi elephant with extremely huge ears, in the circus they tease him for this, not suspecting what miracles he is capable of. From the Creator of “Alice in Wonderland”, the audience had a right to expect a charming and spectacular fairy tale, and they got it. Although there are always dissatisfied people.

8.Knives Out

Just after the author of popular detective novels Harlan Tromba celebrated his 85th birthday, he was found dead in his own home. Everyone had a motive. The investigation is taken by the meticulous and stubborn detective Benoit Blanc. To find the killer, he would have to personally interview every member of Harlan’s strange family and the house staff. He would have to find the culprit by all means. The editors of the magazine Empire draws attention to the fact how easy it turned out directed by Rian Johnson the film. Especially after fans of” Star wars “poured a tub of dirt on him for” the Last Jedi ” (the Director and screenwriter were criticized for the secondary plot of the picture, – ed.). Johnson focused on the new story – and made it a real hit.

7.If Beale Street Could Talk

Tish had just turned 19, but she was determined to marry a 22-year-old sculptor named Fani. While the couple were preparing for the wedding, Fonny was accused of raping a girl who came from Puerto Rico. A racist COP sends a guy to jail, leaving a pregnant Tish inconsolable. Empire editorial Board laments: this work of Director Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight”) has remained underrated, both by viewers and critics. Regina king, of course, received a well-deserved “Oscar”, but with the box office, the film is bad, although, according to Empire, it deserves more.

6.The Irishman

Martin Scorsese returned to the roots and made a film in the genre that brought the Director world fame – it is, of course, about gangster cinema. The return of the Director turned out to be loud: first, Scorsese managed to criticize films based on comics (probably trying to attract attention to his new picture), and secondly, “the Irishman” was released in digital distribution (and was shown on big screens only in a limited number of cinemas). In addition, as part of the work on the film, Scorsese had to use new technical achievements: with the help of visual effects, he rejuvenated the performer of the main role of Robert De Niro. The film was based on Charles Brandt’s book “I heard you paint houses”.


The movie is a Manifesto disguised as another movie comic. But instead of endless heroic battles, here is the tragic story of a little broken man. Artist Joaquin Phoenix plays as the last time unfunny crazy clown who goes into battle against the whole world. His cry for help is an involuntary forced laugh through his tears. It is already obvious that the Joker of the Phoenix is one of the main new images in pop culture. And this film is directed by comedian Todd Phillips (“bachelor Party in Vegas”) he showed himself to be an intelligent, inventive, thoughtful, and fierce author.

4.The Favourite

At the end of the XVII century, the British throne was occupied by the heiress of the Stuart family – Anna – the last of the great dynasty of rulers. Because she was insane, lady Sarah Churchill ruled the country – and up to a certain point, that was fine with everyone. But when Sarah’s sister, Abigail, arrived at the Palace, everything began to change: the woman decided to take power into her own hands at all costs. Empire magazine notes that the Director yorgos Lanthimos managed to tell a cautionary tale in his usual manner. In addition, Olivia Colman, indeed, received her “Oscar” for the main female role deservedly.


One of the top movies of 2019! Remember the Thirteenth episode of “Doctor house”? The one played by Olivia Wilde? So, now you have the opportunity to evaluate Olivia not only as an actress? but also as a talented Director. Empire magazine describes the Comedy “Education” as a stunning, ultra-stylish, progressive teen film that has absorbed absolutely all the most important things from the genre of ” growing up story»: youthful energy, a percussive soundtrack, a storm of emotions and Platonic relationships. According to the plot, two girlfriends-excellent students, who sat all the senior year over textbooks, go all out when they find out that their classmates, who hung out all day and night, also entered prestigious institutions without any problems. Now the girls are planning to get to the party of the coolest guy in school: it’s a small matter-to find his address.

2.Avengers: Endgame

Of course, the movie magazine could not ignore the main event of the spring-summer blockbuster season – the premiere of the movie “Avengers: final”. The last part of the “Infinity Saga” (“spider-Man: Far from home” does not count), in which more than 20 films were released on the screens, surprised with an unexpected narrative, character transformation and a tooth-crushing battle scene that everyone has been waiting for since the appearance of nick fury in the scene after the credits of “Iron man”. The plot of” Finale ” continues the story started in the movie “Avengers: Infinity War”. A squad of superheroes could not defeat the Titan Thanos – he took possession of all the Infinity Stones: when he snapped his fingers, exactly half of the population of the known Universe crumbled to dust. Now the survivors of the Avengers will have to join forces to enter the last battle, on which the fate of all living things depends.


The best 2019 movie and extremely realistic, which tells about the heavy share of undocumented people, begins with a few bright but disturbing introductions. First, the formation of a line of detained African women. Then-an aerial panorama of the poor neighborhoods of Beirut and drives through the poor, but saturated with colors streets of the Lebanese capital. The squalid city is replaced by a modest courtroom, where a disheveled 12-year-old boy with intelligent eyes, Zain (Zain al Raffea), is led in handcuffs. He was arrested for stabbing a “son of a bitch” and given 5 years in prison as an adult. His mother and father claim that he just did something wrong, but then suddenly the boy announces that he is filing a lawsuit against his parents. He wants to sue them for bringing him into the world.