FightNight Battle Royale


One of the biggest free-to-play games or  just games for that matter is FightNight Battle Royale. However, over the last week  or so there has been some major hostility within the community. With the hashtag rip fortnight trending on  Twitter. The casual and competitive communities are both up in arms about the way Epic Games is handling fortnight.  Which is ripping the community apart. I personally doubt fortnight will ever 100% die but it seems like epoch is not doing enough to please the community and  that’s going to hit their numbers hard. Especially with games like warzone and direct coming out. It seems like epic and companies like Activision I’m not listening to their core community and  rather implementing systems like school based matchmaking to please the wider demographic and while that is good in short bursts the long play times it gets very very sweaty and very try hard and  that’s what we’re seen in both games right now. Talking about Call of Duty warzone hit 50 million players last week and for good reason. It’s one of the best free-to-play games out right now. However  like all games there is a problem and for warzone that has been for hackers.