Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

Let’s quickly talk about  Valor in the game is officially in  closed beta and the only way to get access is through twitch drops. Now initially twitch drops were only enabled  for a very few select streamers that Wright had hand-picked to be the lorentz dreamers official valor and streamers.  And now it’s open to everybody so if you’re just plain bowring and you enable twitch drops on your account then people  in your chat can go and get access to that game. This is a good step but it isn’t far enough as I know you and me and a lot of other people don’t want to  be afk in a twitch dream 24/7 for a very small chance to go and get access to valor in. I rather just put my email on to the site and then I’ll get the key  whenever. It’s overall quite annoying that this is the only system but that’s just what they’re doing.