The U.S marked its deadliest 24 hours

Tonight, troubling new data from the world health organization. The U.S marked its deadliest 24 hours last week with more than 2 900 lives lost to covid-19. The number of deaths that are accruing on a daily basis tell you what was happening maybe three or four weeks ago in terms of new infections. So, we’re going to see deaths continue to rise. Even as the epidemic starts to peak and decline. The former FDA commissioner warned that when you take the New York tri-state out of the equation, the spread is more persistent. There’s about 20 states with a number of new cases on a daily basis. And the actual overall trend nationally is towards more hospitalizations and more new cases. The virus has a firm grip on gallup new mexico. It’s so bad the governor closed all roads in and out of the city. They’re turning people around. But this resident got through. The death toll in Michigan now tops 4 000 and has the highest fatality rate in the country. Data showing Detroit the hardest hit. In Worcester, Massachusetts a top doctor at UMass memorial reported 107 patients in his ICU Friday. Calling it the worst day we’ve ever had. Cases continue to climb in New Jersey but hospitalizations are down. The garden state now joined New York and a northeast consortium to boost the purchasing power for ppe ventilators and medical equipment. Today, governor Andrew Cuomo announced hospitalizations dropped below 10 thousand for the first time since mid-march. During the height of New York’s outbreak we met doctors fighting to save lives. What can i say it’s the end of the shift Saturday April 4th just a horrendous horrendous shift we have right now 20 i think 20 21 ventilators running here in this emergency department. In the hospital we have roughly 90 ventilators running, and we only have a few left to spare. I just got out of my 10 hour shift and it feels like playing dominoes. Every single minute over 10 hours straight. Feeling like any one of your patients is about to fall and collapse. A month later they’re seeing progress but the victims still weigh heavy on their hearts. Institutions stop taking new patients starting tomorrow and in total 191 covid-19 patients have been treated since April first.