Coronavirus: Is China trying to rewrite history?

China is also pointing the finger elsewhere when it comes to the
original face virus including toward Washington priests one example a
spokesman for China’s foreign ministry Charlie Chan treated this in
that twist picks up some speculation and conspiracy theories that have circulated
domestically several foreign athletes felt uterine military world games in
ohan last October and people claim that they could have been infected with coke
at 19 however the head of the hospital in China that treated them disagrees he
says they were actually downloads with malaria but the hassle that China to
deny the speculation by Charlie Chan and the others which have elevated the
conspiracy theories to diplomatic level meanwhile there are signs of China
ramping up its propaganda drive high-ranking Chinese diplomats have been
flocking to Western social media now a major battle few thousands of Twitter
accounts were set up in the past few months although the platform is banned in China
itself like Charlie Chan many of them are vocally pushing Beijing friendly
narratives and sometimes from taunting other countries with controversial and
improving claims including a bell curve at 19