Social distancing will make life difficult and frankly miserable.

Now British Airways has warned that it could make up to 12,000 staff redundant because of the collapse in air travel caused by the pandemic. Its parent company predicts that it’ll be several years until demand returns to the levels seen last year. Parked up for weeks but no one knows when they’ll be flying again. Tonight British Airways parent company announced plans to lay off up to 12,000 staff. That’s more than a quarter of its entire workforce. In a letter to staff B ace boss said it was unclear when countries will reopen borders. So the airline had to be reimagined and reshaped. He said substantial change was required to get through the pandemic and withstand longer term reductions in customer demand. For British Airways are shocked I’ve been in touch with some of them this evening as a real bolt out of the blue. Now begins a tricky negotiation with the unions. British Airways didn’t ask for any government bailouts they told their workforce that they would survive quite comfortably and lo and behold they turned around announced 12,000 job losses now they’ve got to come up with some very very good reasons for that. I’m not convinced about any of those reasons yet I suspect there’s a bit of opportunism going on here by British Airways. B A’s transatlantic rival Virgin Atlantic is in a much worse financial position. It has applied for a bailout from the government first it needs to attract new investors. It’s a hugely competitive industry and it’s populated by a lot of low cost carriers which operates on the thinnest margins. And we could possibly be seeing an end to cheap air travel anyway. Paying to park and maintain them is costly. Some aircraft are leased for huge sums. So airlines are hemorrhaging cash. More job losses elsewhere are almost inevitable. Now the government’s scientific advisors have confirmed again in the clearest terms. That some social distancing measures will be in force until the end of the year and quite possibly into next year. Among the businesses most likely to be affected in the longer term is the hospitality sector with pubs and restaurants already very badly hit our business editor. Closing bell it’s five weeks since the coronavirus rang time on the hospitality industry and the government says venues big and small across the UK could be among the last to leave the lockdown. Social distancing of two metres will be here for months and venues like Pippa Cole’s Cafe and Chester are barely two meters wide in places. With such a small cafe and even if we did take tables out and try to reconfigure the layout, it would be extremely difficult to keep the social distancing required. And we have to think about remembering this. It seems like a long time ago Fuller’s operated 400 pubs and restaurants and the boss says even in bigger venues. Social distancing will make life difficult and frankly miserable.