Volkswagen Touareg


The next generation of the Volkswagen Touareg was presented to the General public on March 23, 2018 at a special event in Beijing. It is worth noting that this is a full-fledged third generation, and not another restyling. The model received a new platform, a revolutionary technical filling and a stunning design. It strongly resembles the T-Prime GTE concept that debuted two years earlier. First of all, I would like to note the angular, fully led, optics of head lighting. It sports multiple focusing lenses and visually blends in with the massive chrome grille. It extends from the hood edge to the license plate and consists of several horizontally oriented chrome fins. Under it, on the front bumper, there is a small air intake, decorated in a similar style. In General, the model received a more dynamic and luxurious design, with an abundance of chrome sharp lines. These changes are a good way to emphasize the new ideology of the car.

From now on, Volkswagen Touareg is positioned by the manufacturer as a mid-size crossover. Its dimensions are: length 4878 mm, width 1984 mm, height 1717 mm, and wheelbase-2904 mm. The clearance of the model is impressive, but depends on the version. Simple configurations with conventional spring suspension can boast a ground clearance of 220 millimeters, and top-end modifications with pneumatic cylinders can rise up to 300 millimeters. Such a solid ground clearance, coupled with high energy consumption, will allow the car to move confidently on medium-weight off-road terrain, storm relatively high curbs and maintain high smoothness, even on a rather uneven surface.

The trunk of the crossover boasts excellent capacity. Even with the backrests of the second row of seats raised, there is about 810 liters of free space in the back. This volume is enough to transport large loads or large inventory. The car is perfect for urban use and at any time will be able to embark on a long trip with an abundance of Luggage on Board. If, by a whim of fate, the owner has to transport a long load, he can always fold the back of the back sofa and free up to 1800 liters of useful volume.

Volkswagen Touareg received a new modular MLB Evo platform from Cayenne of the latest modification, a rather unusual power line and a four-wheel drive system with a multi-disc clutch. Due to low demand for the off-road version, the manufacturer decided to abandon the “honest” system with a mechanical center differential, a demultiplier and a rear axle lock. That is why the new generation, despite the solid ground clearance, can not boast of serious cross-country ability.

For the first time in the history of the model, it received an inline four. This is a two-liter TSI engine that develops 249 horsepower in our market. In addition, it is the heart of the hybrid power plant. It will also be installed on this model for the first time. The manufacturer has not yet specified details, it is known that it will develop 367 forces. For fans of heavy-fuel units, there is a more traditional V-shaped turbocharged diesel six TDI. It also develops 249 horses, which is very convenient in terms of taxation. At the top of the “power palette” is a real V8. It also runs on diesel and got a crossover from Audi SQ7. This motor generates 421 horses and as much as 900 Nm of torque.

The third generation greatly transformed the model. It received a more rapid and sophisticated design that perfectly emphasizes the status and character of its owner. This car will look great both on the Expressway and on dirt roads away from cities. The interior boasts exclusive finishing materials, verified ergonomics, unsurpassed practicality and impeccable comfort. Even a family outing or a kilometer-long traffic jam will not be able to cause the driver unnecessary inconvenience. The manufacturer understands that cars of this class, first of all, should give unforgettable emotions from driving. That is why the crossover is equipped with a beautiful power palette, which is a fusion of advanced technology and legendary German quality. Volkswagen Touareg-a spacious, passable and dynamic car for all occasions.