Toyota Venza


Toyota Venza is a family station wagon with crossover characteristics of a famous Japanese brand. The car appeared on the world market in the spring of 2008. In Russia, the car began to be sold only in 2013. In the spring of 2020, it became known about the next update of the station wagon, which should soon appear on the Russian market.

The appearance of the Toyota Venza has undergone many changes. The station wagon has an unusual futuristic design with original front and rear optics. The car received relief and large bumpers. In General, he began to look more aggressive. The Japanese interior turned out to be more expensive and stylish. There are many modern solutions, an advanced multimedia system and a convenient display for controlling most options. The car has acquired many innovative active and passive safety features.

The size of the Toyota Venza has not changed much. Its dimensions are as follows: length-4833 mm, width-1905 mm and height-1610 mm. The wheelbase of the cross-station wagon is 2775 mm. The ground clearance is 205 mm in the version intended for Russia. This clearance indicates excellent cross-country ability. Therefore, the Japanese should feel quite comfortable even on significant off-road terrain. However, it has a fairly low overhang of the front bumper, which can suffer when traveling on very bad roads.

The all-terrain vehicle has a very large trunk. Its volume remained the same. It is equal to a whole 975 liters. This should be sufficient even for transportation of bulky items and objects. And if you need to transport something very large, there is an automatic folding system for the rear sofa for passengers, which allows you to increase the space of the Luggage compartment to 1982 liters.

This is a 2.7-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine. Its capacity will be 181 horsepower. At the same time, it produces 5800 rpm. It is expected that its consumption in a mixed cycle per 100 km will be approximately 10 liters. The station wagon will be equipped with a six-band automatic transmission.

The car, as before, can be purchased with both front and all-wheel drive. In the Russian version, it will get a softer suspension.

The car, which will be sold in our country, is designed mainly for relatively quiet driving on the highway and overcoming fairly significant off-road terrain. In the US and Europe, a very powerful version will also be available, which will please fans of adrenaline and speed. The appearance of such a Toyota Venza with “charged” engines in Russia is not planned.

According to many experts, the Toyota Venza, which will be available in 2020, is a completely new car that has almost nothing in common with the previous Japanese car produced with the same name. The updated cross-station wagon in its characteristics and appearance is now more like a Toyota Harrier.

The car has acquired an incredibly stylish and original exterior. It received a modern and comfortable interior. At the same time, the Japanese, by tradition, paid a lot of attention to security options. The car will have at least seven airbags, as well as many modern electronic systems.

Unfortunately, the new Toyota Venza on the Russian market should come with only one power unit, which is not very impressive characteristics. Therefore, the station wagon will not be fast. But it will get a good passability. However, it will have to overcome off-road terrain with certain precautions.

The previous version of the cross-station wagon was not very popular in our country. It is not yet known how interested it will be for Russians after such a bright update.