Top 10 cars for dealing with the coronavirus crisis

Top 10 cars for dealing with the coronavirus crisis first up we have the Tesla Model X

this car is packed full of quirky features you’ve got those Falcon doors and stuff like the whoopee cushion effect where it makes 40 sounds and people see all the seats Oh however it does have something more useful something called biohazard defense mode effectively it’s a high grade air filter and it can stop pollen and dust entering the cabin but also bacteria and viruses well that’s according to Elon Musk anyway when the car is operating at it’s at maximum capability we can’t even detect any viruses or bacteria or spores so it’s like zero now all this means that the air inside the car should be as sterile as that in a hospital operating theater which is handy if you’re an NHS surgeon needing to get to work obviously the filter can also clean the air inside the car which is ideal if you’ve gone on
panic bought a load of baked beans and things are getting a little bit whiny good

next up is the New London taxi so this has a perspex barrier between the driving compartment and the passenger compartment there you will need to sealer the little holes that let you speak to your passenger to keep it properly sealed then you have the perfect car for giving an at-risk person so someone over 70 or someone with underlying health conditions a lift to the hospital also the car is a very very tight turning circle which is ideal if you’re driving down the road and you see a group of people just ignoring social distancing rules scissors a floor that we just told you to get over other beer and you need to do a u-turn to get away from them to safety then we have the new

Land Rover Defender obviously being one of the best off-roaders in the world you can use it to head out into the wilderness for a spot of self isolation actually they’re all say that you should just stay put at home but you can go out for supplies now the Land Rover is actually available
with an optional shower which can use normally to shower off your muddy boots
if you’ve been walking all your dirty dog however if you’ve been shopping you come back what you can do is use that actually wash your hands with and whatever you’ve bought so it’s all nice
and clean before you head into your house now if you wanna see my fault in depth video review of the new Land Rover Defender just click on the pop-up banner up there the UK government says that during lockdown you can only go out of your house once per day to exercise and
that exercise should be limited to 30 minutes but what happens if you need some more exercise and you never got chance to buy a home gym because they’d all sold out when everybody started
panic buying well don’t worry the new

Mercedes e-class has you covered so you can get it with massage seats and the massage seats have a program called energizing comfort and it basically gets you to push against the air bladders which sort of gives you a bit of a workout to keep your muscles toned and you can do all from the comfort of the car in isolation because it has a really
high-tech air filter which can purify 90% of the air also while you’re doing all this you can’t relax yourself by playing spa music on the stereo just chill out which is handy join these stressful times now if you want to see my video the new Mercedes e-class just click up there to watch it the

rolls-royce phantom is an absolutely massive car but you can make it even bigger if you go for the extended wheelbase version that increases rear legroom by 25 centimeters so you then have 135 centimeters to stretch out in also it means if you sit diagonally behind the driver you should be 2 meters apart which means you can observe social distancing rules that’s not quite safe enough for you don’t worry you can fit the car with a divider between the driver and the rear passengers so you can stay in self-isolation and if you want to at the press of a button you can blank out the
screen so you don’t even have to look at the driver and pretend they’re not there now if you want to see my fault in depth video review of the rolls-royce phantom

the new Ford Puma may well seem like yet another small SUV but it could be ideal during the corona virus outbreak because it has a party trick of its sleeve in his boot it has something called the mega box essentially it’s a waterproof top right you can fill this stuff so you could fill it with ice to chop beer or you could fill it with water to use as a foot spa I did that what you could do
though its fill it with disinfectant and use it as a mobile hand washing station oh yeah get rid of all the germs then when you’re done that you can just pull the plug out at the bottom and let all
the bad stuff drain away the best way to stop the spread of Kovach 19 is to stay at home however the UK government does at the moment say that if you cannot do your work at home you are allowed to go out to travel to it and that might be the case if you’re a key worker however if you’ve got a normal car you’re gonna end up having to go to the petrol station to fill it up and then you could pick up germs from the fuel pump or when you go to pay but if you get a

Tesla Model S long range you can actually charge it at home and because it can do 3 innately Mars on a single charge if your commute isn’t that long that could last you all week now would you like to see a drag race between a Tesla Model S and a Lamborghini well of course you would click on the pop-up banner to if you’re the kind of selfish git has been stockpiling stuff and you’re probably like

the Mercedes V-class extended wheelbase version you see if you remove the rear seats it has a cargo area that can carry 6600 litres which is ideal if you like to go panic by oh my god I meet all these things all those things just for me bugger everyone else yeah don’t be selfish actually I’ll polish and tell you this but you can squeeze in four thousand four hundred toilet rolls into the back of the vehicle ass and considering a family on average uses four hundred new rolls a year that means you having a bob paper and the last 11 years so let me selfish and silly in panic buy stuff it’s not responsible

the Toyota Prius is a favorite with uber drivers because it’s economical it’s reliable and you can get it with a soft Tech’s fake leather interior which is really easy to wipe clean plus you can also get rubberized floor mats now normally that’s ideal if your fare has built their Korean kebab or vomited all over the inside of the car you can just wipe it down quite easily that’s handy during the corona virus outbreak say if you want to go crazy with all the disinfectant wipes and give you a car a
thorough thorough cleaning you can do that without worrying about damaging the interior upholstery finally we come to

the BMW 3-series now this cars really good to drive and it has a great
entertainment system as I constantly point out in all my videos it also comes with a new voice control system which is a bit like Google assistant or Siri on your Apple phone so basically you can
control a lot of the cost functions just by using normal speech and even understands more silly Burmingham accent I’m bored I can’t imagine that you’re bored Fred it’s quite incredible what you can actually control in the car just by using your voice can I get a blowjob this function is currently not available now this is really handy during thу corona virus outbreak because it means you don’t have to touch so many buttons in your car so you’re less likely to spread the virus about the place I hope you all enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like and I’ve hope it’s come across in the way I’ve intended it’s just meant to be a little bit of light-hearted comic relief during these stressful times please do not think I know Carl Wow aren’t taking the coronavirus seriously we absolutely positively are in fact if you want some serious information on buying a car or car maintenance during this coronavirus outbreak