Tesla Model X


The first Tesla Motors model X concept appeared before the General public back in 2012, and just three years later, at a special event held directly at the manufacturer’s factory, the production model debuted. It received an innovative technical filling, a spacious interior with an unusual design and an unusual design. The appearance of the car does not fit in with its class. The eye catches the calm, setting on the wings, headlamps with many sections and elegant eyeliner led daytime running lights. On the front, you can see a small ventilation slot with a tiny manufacturer’s logo. The front bumper is equipped with an elongated trapezoidal air intake, special cutouts with plastic inserts and fog light blocks. The feed is made in the corporate style. I would like to note the upturned edge of the rear door with a small spoiler, large brake lights and a gentle slope of the roof.By purchasing a car through the AutoSpot service, the driver receives additional benefits from official representatives of the brand.

The Tesla Model X is a full-size crossover with three rows of seats. Its overall dimensions are: length 5004 mm, width 2083 mm, height 1626 mm, and wheelbase-3061 mm. As for the ground clearance, it directly depends on the position of the air suspension. In the maximum raised position, under the bottom of the car remains about 230 millimeters. To improve stability and handling, when traveling on high-speed highways, the ground clearance is reduced to 180 millimeters. The chassis boasts a completely independent architecture. There are two wishbones on the front axle and a multi – link structure on the rear.

The car has a seven-seat interior, but the third row, due to the sloping roof, can comfortably accommodate only children or short passengers. Access to the rear seats is provided through the doors that open to the top, called “Falcon wings”.

The Tesla Motors Model X is an all-electric car with all-four-wheel drive. On each axis there is a three-phase four-pole electric motor with a single-stage gearbox. They are powered by a battery of lithium-ion batteries located in storage under the bottom.

The manufacturer offers four versions to choose from. The base 70D produces a total of 333 horses, accelerates to a hundred kilometers per hour in 6.2 seconds, reaches a maximum of 210 kilometers per hour and is able to drive up to 417 kilometers on a single charge. The more advanced 90D, generates 518 horses, accelerates to a hundred in 5 seconds, accelerates to 250 km / h and covers up to 489 km at a time. The next 100D develops 714 HP, shoots up to the first hundred in 3.9 seconds, gains 250 km / h and passes 467 km without charging. The most extreme P100D can impress with 762 horsepower, shoots up to a hundred in just 3.1 seconds, also runs at 250 km / h and drives up to 542 km on a single charge.

In the basic configuration, the Tesla Motors Model X will receive six airbags, a climate control system with two operating zones, a multifunctional steering wheel with buttons, xenon headlights, air suspension, seats with electric adjustments, as well as an advanced multimedia system with a 17-inch touch screen and a premium audio system.