Subaru Outback


The “off-road station wagon” Subaru Outback, which underwent restyling in April 2019, has finally reached buyers – with an upgraded engine, transmission and chassis.

The exterior of the cross-station wagon was refreshed, but nothing more. New headlights with C-shaped sections, a front bumper, a chrome strip in the radiator grille, new wheel rims, an expanded color range, other exterior mirrors, which in the press release are assigned a noticeable role in reducing noise levels and improving aerodynamic characteristics. If you look closely, you can see a small build-up of the built-in video camera in the lower part of the right mirror housing, another one is hidden in the middle bar of the radiator grille, and as many as three loom behind the windshield. This means that the updated Subaru Outback has got the same EyeSight complex (estimation of the distance to the vehicle in front, adaptive cruise, lane control, recognition of pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists) as in the Subaru XV, and in addition, an outdoor surveillance system!

There are also other useful functions: a warning about a low charge of the remote key on the “tidy”, the ability to control the passenger window from the driver’s control panel even when the lock is on. The variator selector lever slides smoother, the trunk power button is highlighted in red when the tailgate is open, the passengers in the second row have received USB connectors. Added an automatic door locking system after 20 km / h, which unlocks the locks in a collision.

The revamped 2.5-liter Outback doesn’t pull as aggressively as before, and the throttle control is clearer and more linear. A steering wheel with a reconfigured electric booster is more willing to share information, a car with new shock absorbers rolls a little less, the suspension is even more indifferent to large irregularities and does not collect “trifles” like a comb on a rolled winter primer.

They bewitched the suspension: changed the calibrations of the shock absorbers and the stiffness of the springs, slightly shortened the rubber bumpers (60 mm instead of 80 mm) – to reduce the likelihood of closure on them during compression.

The 175 horsepower of a 2.5-liter is not enough for crazy road races. So for speed lovers in the updated model line, they left a 3.6-liter 6-cylinder “boxer” with a capacity of 260 “horses”. But most Russian buyers do not need such excesses, because the Subaru Outback is appreciated primarily for the unique combination of the form factor of a large passenger station wagon and excellent off-pavement capabilities bordering on real SUVs. Everything is still here – the updated Outback has the same impressive ground clearance of 213 mm and the X-Mode system.