Roewe RX8


Chinese company Land Roewe, owned by the SAIC concern, introduced the newest SUV RX8, which debuted on the Chinese market in June of 2018. The car received an original body, made in the corporate style of the brand, which was formed a couple of years ago. Simple lines, thick chrome stripes and the right accents like unpainted plastic arches and very useful roof rails – the resulting masterpiece can be served and work well in any country.

Underneath the serious shell is exactly what it should be: a ladder frame and a continuous rear axle. True, there are no air bellows, like that of the same Land Cruiser – the suspension is spring. But on the other hand, thanks for not the springs: after all, the pickup served as the initial technical basis for the RX8.

The power unit that Roewe got from his fellows only confirms these conclusions. Of course, there is no diesel here – in Europe they managed to stop loving it, but in China they never really liked it. However, there can be no large working volume here: the Chinese tax burdens are currently forcing the installation of a 1.5-liter engine in the seven-seater Chery Tiggo 8. The RX8 is doing a little better: its longitudinally located amazing  20L4E engine has a “full” 2 liters of pure force, a turbine and direct injection, which gives 224 hp at the output. and 360 Nm of torque.

In the interior, we are greeted by shimmering silver keys. The organization of the interior space is also carried out with an eye on the best representatives of the class familiar to us: simple panel architecture, a good combination of brown leather and light wood, and hefty screens at the main “work” places. The keys do not walk under the fingers , soft plastics with imitation of stitching coexist with a “fake” but elegant good-looking tree, and the touchscreen responses do not allow distraction while working with it. In Chinese, the name of the Roewe brand is pronounced “rongwei”, which in English is identical to the phrase “wrong way” – that is, “wrong way”, or even “no passage” or “wrong method”. It is definitely not worth taking this funny coincidence as a “sign from above”: in 2018, cars under the Roewe brand sold over 350,000 units in the home market. So, all that remains is to wait and find out when the “cleared” sign will appear on the way to Russia for the RX8.

In China, October sales totaled 828 units. It is 176th place (out of 285) in the domestic market among crossovers and SUVs in October results. In 2019, 10,859 units were sold in China. It is 304th place (out of 643) in the overall ranking based on sales for 2019. And in total for 2018-2020, 30,830 Roewe RX8 cars were sold in China.