Porsche Panamera


The Porsche Panamera Turbo is capable of producing an incredible wow effect. According to this indicator, only the Chevrolet Corvette can argue with the car, but the “American” does not have such a viral fluid. Take, for example, finishing materials. Every detail of the cream salon is replete with the highest quality workmanship and attention to the consumer. The multimedia screen, which has not received any revolutionary solutions, responds faster to taps than the system does in any other premium car. 

The mechanical stopwatch built into the dashboard is also an element of style. As well as the engine start system with a soldered-in key – this is not available at all except for Porsche.

The Panamera is Real Madrid in the automotive hierarchy. The fact that the Panamera has not become obsolete since 2009 also speaks of the transcendental class of the model. Undoubtedly, it will remain relevant in ten years, but this is where the main paradox lies: designer Michael Mauer, who developed the model in a body unusual for Porshe, is known only to fans of the brand.

The exhaust here is tuned so as not to disturb the rear passengers as much as possible. But what is the effect of the automatic wing leaving the fifth door, you just have to switch the chassis settings to Sport Plus mode.

The car is obscenely good on a straight line: the acceleration dynamics are airy and strikingly uniform. But as soon as you hit the first sharp corner, the Panamera Turbo is a bit disappointing. Due to the long base, you cannot expect filigree handling from the car. Active stabilizers, which were clamped to the limit 5 years ago in the process of fine-tuning the suspension 5 years ago, still allow light rolls. But such liberties of the suspension are fully compensated by the responsiveness of the motor.

But the settings of the PDK preselective “robot” turned out to be surprisingly very successful. In the standard mode, the gas pedal is damped – reactions to pressing are dulled, and the step change occurs in a gentle mode at around 2.5 thousand revolutions. It is very easy to succumb to temptation and switch the selector to manual mode, at the same time pressing the modest Sport button on the center tunnel. But before getting behind the wheel of the Panamera, it is better to measure the blood pressure: the all-wheel drive liftback provides simply monstrous overloads.

The astounding dynamics is primarily due to the 4.8-liter V8 with two turbochargers. After restyling in 2011, the Panamera is 20 hp more powerful. from. (520 hp) and a few hundredths faster. Engineers could, of course, simply readjust the control unit, but in this case, the engine’s resource would be reduced. Therefore, we decided to upgrade the hardware. In particular, the turbocharger was modified.