Mercedes AMG GT 53 4Matic+


The interior of the car is very impressive and literally breathes quality — with a sporty touch. It feels like a cross between an AMG GT Coupe and an S-class-which is what this car is. The current feature of Mercedes — small LCD displays in the role of certain buttons and switches that change depending on their position when you press them. Absolutely gorgeous stuff for the inner eight-year-old boy driver who can imagine himself on the starship enterprise. Just super. Here you will also find a typical for modern “mercs” design of the dashboard with a double LCD screen, also an excellent digital solution. Nostalgia for the good old analog arrows, if it is felt, is barely noticeable. But the new multimedia system control system via the trackpad somehow did not convince me so much. It’s as if Mercedes looked at a truly strange Lexus trackpad and thought: let’s do the same thing, only better. And they did it better, much better, in fact, but it’s still kind of clumsy to use. I’m not sure that this is a step forward compared to the old rotary knob.

In this model, the “53” is the same turbocharged 3-liter engine with an inline-six and a soft hybrid EQ boost system, which we are already familiar with in cars such as the CLS 53. It also drives the “43 “model of this car, although there are 367 horsepower against 435 in the new” 53 ” model. The most expensive models in the line, the “63” and “63 S”, use a larger 4-liter V8 turbo engine, which Mercedes-AMG now puts on a lot of different models — there they give out 585 and 640 horses, respectively. Not a slight difference compared to the figure of 435 HP, which had to be satisfied with the hero of today’s review, but he, as you can imagine, with all the desire never seems low — power. 4.5 seconds to 100 km/h and a top speed of 285 km/h-even by the standards of 2019, this is still very fast.

The inline six is incredibly smooth and powerful, perhaps one of the best engines on sale today, although it lacks the drama and solemnity that the more powerful V8 will give you. the Six is not a boring engine, it’s just a little too sensible for a car that is asking for a little mischief. For the ultimate GT Coupe experience, you really need a V8. If, on the other hand, you’re just looking for a great and moderately powerful big GT car that rivals the Porsche Panamera S, there’s nothing to even look for other than this “53”. You will not be disappointed in any scenario. The EQ hybrid produces up to 21 horsepower by itself, but in practice it is completely integrated into the engine, so it is impossible to notice its operation. It has an extremely tricky trick — it uses maximum energy recovery, which means more pronounced engine braking when you release the gas pedal and sensors detect that you are rapidly approaching the car in front. Where you usually put a little pressure on the brake pedal, the car takes everything two steps forward and instead delivers stronger regenerative engine braking, improving efficiency and saving you from having to brake in some situations. Brilliantly calibrated system.

9-speed automatic SPEEDSHIFT — exactly what this engine deserves: smooth and unobtrusive when driving slowly, but blindingly fast and clear, it is worth sinking your foot into the floor. However, it is programmed in a strange way: when switching to SPORT or SPORT+ mode, it does not remain in low gears. In most cars, the transmission in the “sport-plus” mode becomes completely unsuitable for normal roads, but in this “Merce” you will hardly notice the difference. It will still happily spin at 8 speeds around 110 km/h. At least your passengers won’t think anything unusual is happening. There is definitely nothing to complain about here, in fact, perhaps it is even justified in the real world, but here Mercedes-AMG clearly chose a different direction from the competition. I myself kept switching the box to SPORT for normal driving, since in standard Drive mode it was already switching at absurdly low speeds. All cars suffer from this these days, probably because of the control of harmful emissions.

The handling of this car, as you might expect, is exemplary. Especially considering its weight — well above two tons. It is clear that it does not perform turns at all, as can AMG GT Coupe, which is to be expected, but I can not resist this remark, given that I still do not give rest to the name of this model. The 4Matic+ all-wheel drive system provides excellent traction in all conditions, while allowing you to have a little fun if you weaken (or disable) the stabilization systems. It’s a shame that it can’t be switched to a purely rear-wheel drive “drift” mode, unlike the system on the older brother with the 63s nameplate. You will have to pay extra for this pleasure.

In the end, if you are looking for just such a car, you will have to choose between this four-door AMG GT or Porsche Panamera. Which one is better? I think it will depend entirely on your preferences and loyalty to a particular brand. Both cars are big, too heavy for real sports, both are expensive and absolutely brilliant. Well, they must justify their price, which only the most fortunate of us can afford. And for the role of the car that most can only dream of, the Mercedes-AMG GT is no worse. Does not matter two doors, or four.