Land Rover Defender


Land Rover Defender appeared more than 70 years ago and it is a truly  long-liver in the world of SUVs. Moreover, until 2016, this legendary car did not undergo significant changes, even in terms of comfort attributes. The debut of the 21st century Defender took place only in September 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Land Rover Defender will be produced in the short 90 version and in the long version 110. The appearance of a pickup and an extra-long modification of the car is expected.

The new SUV lacks a frame. He was transferred to a supporting body made of aluminum. At the same time, the torsional rigidity of the modernized version is 29,000 Nm / degree, which will provide it with the necessary strength.

There is a window in the roof for the rear passengers. This is a tribute to the traditions that are characteristic of the British. The body has a protective rubberized coating to prevent scratching. In addition, a spare tire has been preserved on the hinged tailgate. Trunk volume for the “shortened” version from 397 to 1563 liters. The long version holds 231 liters in the 3-row version and 646 liters in the 2-row version. However, the trunk can be filled to capacity with things of 2380 liters.

An additional passenger seat has appeared in the new Defender, and at last one of the automakers has come up with this idea. With a simple manipulation, you can turn the central tunnel into a small seat, thanks to which the front row takes the shape of a sofa. As a result, the short-wheelbase version 90, which is no larger than a golf-class hatchback, can accommodate up to 6 people. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, journalists climbed into the salon one by one to sit on the unique middle seat. Alas, it is difficult to experience comfort here – the place turns out to be too narrow.

The manual transmission has been replaced by an 8-speed automatic. Due to this circumstance, high qualifications are not required from a driver who decides to perform off-road feats.Land Rover Defender is equipped as standard with all-wheel drive, rear interwheel and inter-axle locks, etc.

The car is equipped with the Terrain Response 2 electronic system, which is a proprietary development of the auto concern. It has many features, including fine tuning of parameters and Wade mode for overcoming the fords.

Another useful option, which is not an innovation and is implemented on other Land Rover models, is the “transparent hood” function, which allows you to display the image from the front camera on the media system screen, with the front wheels superimposed.

In total, the manufacturer announced three engines: 2-liter diesel engines of the Ingenium family of 200 and 240 hp. and gasoline, functioning as part of a mild hybrid, designed for 400 hp. This allows you to reach speeds of one hundred kilometers. hours in just 6 seconds.