Kia Seltos


Long time ago it was clear that the newest Kia crossover would become the most anticipated automotive novelty on the Russian market.

 Seltos looks bright, and it’s not just Kia’s original sporty styling. The model has a new radiator grille in the “Tiger” style, also there is sophisticated two-story optics which is available in three options. A new car has perky pattern of bumpers and a contrasting roof, visually separated from the rear pillars – a complete set of simple but effective styling tricks. In addition, the SUV version of the Seltos X-Line has already been shown in America, and it is possible that such a SUV version may appear in Russia in the future.

The screen of the media system according to the latest fashion is made in the form of a tablet attached to the panel, climate control is located at the most convenient height, and the interior itself can be two-color. Speedometer is made  with traditional arrows, but threre are different display options inside.

There are three options of seats style. In the top version, in addition to heating, they are equipped with electric drives and even ventilation. The car also has a particularly rare function – the adjustment of the rear seat backs by tilt angle. There are two positions, and they differ by only six degrees, but leaning back a little, you start to feel more comfortable. 

The advantage of the older configurations is a head-up display, a rear-view camera with a mirror in motion function, a remote start system, as well as a customizable backlight that can work in time with the music system.

The trunk holds 498 liters, but only if the raised floor is placed on the lower level, and this is possible only in a version with a stowage instead of a full-fledged spare wheel.

Kia initially offers all-wheel drive versions of the crossover, even in simple versions with an initial motor and a manual transmission. The two-liter engine did not please or disappoint – by its nature Seltos is moderately dynamic and quite predictable in any modes. The main thing is that the CVT does not make the engine howl at high notes during acceleration and adequately simulates the shifting in the sport mode of the chassis. 

Korean engineers took care of Russian buyers by working on the Seltos chassis: they replaced all the shock absorbers, re-tuned the front springs and installed another front anti-roll bar.