Honda CR-V hybrid


The CR-V is not just Honda’s flagship crossover, it is one of the most popular models in its class. For 23 years of existence, a total of about 5 million CR-V have already been produced. In America’s largest market for the brand, one in four Honda vehicles sold is a CR-V. It’s hard to believe, the model has achieved this only in the petrol version.

On the move, the CR-V Hybrid is noticeably different from the gasoline one, more like an electric car. This is noticeable during acceleration and in dense urban traffic. In addition to the “Econ” and “Sport” modes, there is also a fully electric “EV”, but in it the car can cover no more than a couple of kilometers, it is only suitable for quiet parking. It will not be completely silent: in electric mode, the car constantly emits warning signals for pedestrians, very specific, reminiscent of “mechanical singing”.

This is a very spacious car with a modern original interior and a small blind spot at the level of the cargo compartment windows, as well as a huge trunk and all the functionality the driver needs. The upholstery is soft and pleasant, the steering is precise, the stability is decent. However, the engine often switches to a higher tone when it is necessary to recharge the battery or during overtaking, somewhat impairing the acoustic comfort.

It is also important to note that in the speed range of 80-120 km / h (according to the manufacturer, but in reality even slightly wider – about 75-140 km / h), the gasoline engine can be directly connected to the wheels through a clutch and gearbox, where the gear ratio is approximately corresponds to 4-5 transfers. Thus, the hybrid Honda CR-V Hybrid turns into a regular crossover that rides on a gasoline engine. The designers of the Honda company calculated that it is at this speed that the efficiency from the direct connection between the internal combustion engine and the wheels will be higher than from the scheme “ICE – generator – battery – electric motor”. But after the above speed limit, the electric motor is again taken into account: the Honda CR-V Hybrid crossover reaches its maximum speed of 180 km / h on electric traction.

Despite its impressive dimensions and all-wheel drive, the Honda CR-V Hybrid AWD demonstrates a rather modest appetite even in heavy city traffic. In fact, we got an electric car, where a gasoline-electric generator is installed instead of a large battery – this is the essence of the i-MMD hybrid. In this case, it really was possible to combine good dynamics with low fuel consumption. And then pack this technique into a comfortable and versatile body, seasoning the dish with a spacious interior and modern equipment.