Geely Xing Yue


Chinese car manufacturer Geely unveiled its first crossover coupe named Xingyue or FY11 in the end of March 2019.

You can buy the new flagship coupe-crossover model in three powertrain options: traditional combustion engine, mild (MHEV) and plug-in (PHEV) hybrid drives. The car is available in both front- and all-wheel drive versions.

Thanks to the excellent tuning of the CMA chassis and steering system, Xing Yue strikes a balance between sportiness and comfort.

The design of the car makes you remember the Volvo brand and it is not a mistake – two people from Volvo are responsible for the design of all the latest models of the brand, including the FY11. Guy Bergoyne, who is vice president of Geely Design in Shanghai, and Peter Horbury Vice President, Geely Design. The car received matrix LED headlights, a rather aggressive front bumper, embossed stampings on the hood and sidewalls, as well as a rear bumper with two twin tailpipes of the exhaust system. Visually and tactilely, the car is very good. And it all starts with the little things. The key fob is in your pocket. You go to the car – it opens, you go away – it closes. In the dark car helpfully lights up the door handles. The driver’s seat is comfortable, only the adjustable thigh support is missing. The front seats are perforated.  Under the skin there is not only heating, but also ventilation! There is a memory of settings, so you don’t have to make settings for ages every time your partner drives.

Despite the sloping roof, the car has enough space in the second row – at least for a passenger less than 180 cm tall. The seats are comfortable, with good lateral support, the fit is comfortable, the arrangement of devices is traditional, the ergonomics and organization of the interior space are quite familiar. As for the trunk, its lower section is quite roomy and is not inferior to compact station wagon crossovers. The tailgate can be opened in as many as three ways: by holding a button on the key fob, a button on the trunk lid itself, or by swinging a leg under the rear bumper. The electric drive of the lifting mechanism is available. The luggage compartment is of the correct shape, with a wide opening. There are a couple of niches under the floor for small items and a spare wheel is stored.

Xing Yue is equipped with an incredible Face-ID feature, which allows you to quickly load saved settings for seats, mirrors and multimedia systems. It also enhances active safety by monitoring and alerting the driver to fatigue.