DS 3 Crossback


DS 3 Crossback is a compact crossover made by  the French manufacturer which debuted in the car market in 2019.

Based on the low sales of a fairly young brand, founded in 2014 and selling only 3,700 cars in 2018, DS company is definitely not betting on large sales volumes. But the DS 3 Crossback is nonetheless an iconic car, as it is the first PSA Group model to be built on the new CMP modular platform. It will also form the basis of the new Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa. The CMP platform makes the DS 3 Crossback similar to the future hatchbacks Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa: specifically for the traction battery, it provides space under the floor of the cabin, but only front-wheel drive. The electric version of the Crossback has an E-Tense attachment: an electric motor with 136 hp will drive the front wheels, and a 50 kWh battery will allow you to drive up to 300 km on a single charge.

Under the hood of the small crossover is a rather powerful 130-horsepower gasoline turbo engine. It is not noisy and the car accelerates quite briskly with it. The automatic 8-speed transmission is pretty nimble and smooth. If you wish, you can help it with manual step selection using the steering column switches.

Let’s pay special attention to the optics: here are matrix LED headlights that allow driving with a high beam without fear of dazzling oncoming drivers. It is a very useful and amazing feature. 

At first glance, the cabin is not very spacious. At the same time, the back seat, thanks to the backs of the front seats concave on the back, can comfortably accommodate a person up to 180 cm tall.

A 10.3-inch touchscreen display flaunts in the center of the front panel, which is a lot by the standards of B-class crossovers. Also, there is a 7-inch display instead of the instrument cluster. It has a rather unusual shape – it is square, and not wide-rectangular, as is often the case with other automakers.

The interior fittings correspond to the declared premium segment. It is worth noting the diamonds inherent in this model, in which the buttons and ventilation deflectors are organized.To visually expand the panel, the side nozzles of the climate system have been moved to the doors.

The DS 3 Crossback has grown 4.12 meters in length compared to the previous model against 3.95 meters. 17 centimeters of growth and the presence of doors in the second row, however, did not add so much free space for rear passengers. But the volume of the trunk has grown from 286 to 350 liters!

The equipment for the compact car is unusually serious: in the rich versions there will be matrix headlights, a lane keeping assistant and an automatic braking system operating at speeds up to 180 km / h with the function of recognizing pedestrians and cyclists day and night.