Dacia Duster


The first generation Duster was launched on the market in 2010. The model quickly became popular due to its value for money, off-road capability and roomy interiors. where the whole family will fit. Time passes and now we have the second version of the Duster SUV.

Although the second generation Duster was completely redesigned and with its predecessor it does not have a single body part in common, at first glance it is perceived as a clone of the previous model. Differences are revealed only after you take a closer look at the new product. Then you discover that the front optics have become different, not only LED, but also with a different pattern of headlights climbing onto the edges. Approaching the car from the front, you notice that the radiator grille and bumper have become larger, and when you look from the side, you pay attention to the high sill line. The designers also worked on the rear – not only the fifth door was new, but also the taillights.

As for the interior, it was designed from scratch. As a result, the windshield moved 10 cm forward, and the multimedia screen was raised by 7 cm. Duster received a new steering wheel, modern climate control buttons, and the finishing materials have become better. There is more chrome and soft surfaces in the interior. The height of the first row seats is convenient to adjust, and they now provide riders with lateral support. A small armrest appeared under the driver’s right hand, and additional noise insulation reduced the level of noise entering the cabin by 20-50%.

The car received a number of new systems, in particular, all-round visibility, useful both in the parking lot and off-road. The steering effort now depends on the speed of movement. Duster has learned to automatically switch the high beam, has got an emergency braking system and other useful assistants. The body is now designed to better absorb impact energy in the event of a collision, making the new Duster safer for both riders and pedestrians. Add to this the fact that the number of airbags has increased to six.

Engines are for every taste. Motor power ranges from 90 to 125 hp. Let the all-wheel drive system use the same electronically controlled clutch that was on the previous generation model, but overall the car received an impressive range of new additional equipment.

Technical characteristics of the new Dacia Duster: length 4341 mm, width 1804 mm, height 1693 mm, wheelbase 2674 mm. The boot capacity is 445 liters, which, after lowering the backs of the second row, are converted to 1478 liters. We also note this detail: if the on-board computer starts showing that the fuel in the tank has already run out, you can safely drive another 30 kilometers on the Duster, at least.