Citroen C3


Citroen C3 went on sale in 2016 and quickly became very popular. At the moment, this is the most bought car in the Citroen’s model line. Nevertheless it has been 4 years since the debut and the manufacturer decided to carry out the first planned restyling in order not to lose popularity. You can recognize a new model of a car by its front view. The designers have extended the upper grille to the headlights. The headlights are completely new. They have modified optics and fully LED stuffing. There is changed Airbump branding on the sides of the doors. Among other things, new 17-inch alloy wheels with a unique design have become available.

C3 is a bright and fashionable model with many color combinations for decoration. This year Citroen has decided to give customers even more personalization options. 97 different combinations are available now! It is an unique offer on the market. Salon is pretty improved too. There are seats are with increased comfort. The layer of soft foam has is 15 millimeters (it was only 2 millimeters), and a folding armrest has appeared on the driver’s side. Also now you can choose one style of salon of two: it can be more dynamic as old one and refined one with imitation of wooden panels. Salon is huge and there is enough space for luggage and tall people’s legs. You can also choose some of additional equipment. Now several additional functions for the security complex are available. And even more: your car can have front parking sensors, automatic braking and driver fatigue monitoring.

The petrol range is represented by 1.2-liter petrol in-line engines with three cylinders. Depending on the presence of a turbocharging system, they produce 83 or 110 horsepower. By default, a five-speed manual is offered, but a 6-speed automatic transmission can be ordered too. Among other things, there is also available  a 1.5-liter diesel with four cylinders and 102 horses (only mechanics). All engine modifications are exclusively front-wheel drive.

We should pay special attention to the Grip Control system. Depending on the selected mode (it can be snow, mud or sand), it changes the settings of the traction control, ABS and stabilization system. In all slippery road surfaces, the electronics softens the reaction to the gas pedal, reducing the risk of slipping, allows the engine to spin harder, and in mud it simulates cross-axle blocking, breaking the unloaded wheel.