Buick Velite 6


The Chinese market has long become a priority for the Buick brand: last year 1 million 57 thousand cars were sold here against 207 thousand in the States. Therefore, it was in China that General Motors showed the first fully electric Buick – the Velite 6 station wagon with a length of 4650 mm.

Despite the prestigious brand, the Buick Velite 6 is pretty simple. It is generally based on the “cart” of the old Chevrolet Lacetti with the characteristic McPherson rear independent suspension. The front wheels are driven by an electric motor with 115 hp. and 255 Nm. And under the floor is a lithium-ion traction battery with a capacity of only 35 kWh, which can be charged from the terminal in six hours. Under the hood of the hybrid there is an “aspirated” 1.5 and a pair of electric motors connected by a continuously variable transmission. Apparently, this is a variation of the familiar Voltec 2 system used on the Chevrolet Volt hatch, and therefore on its clone named Buick Velite 5, produced by the SAIC-GM JV. The cruising range on one charge and refueling of Velite 6 is 700 km, and the average fuel consumption, taking into account overcoming part of the way on one electricity, is 1.4 l / 100 km.

Electric motors, which, in addition to making the wheels rotate, simultaneously perform the function of an electric generator, i.e. recharge the built-in battery.

It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery. One charge should be enough for 301 km of run on the outdated NEDC cycle, that is, the real mileage will not exceed 200 km. The company claims a top speed of 150 km / h, and the acceleration time to 50 km / h is 4.4 seconds.

The design of the new body was both laconic and stylish at the same time. There are no colorful decorative elements here, but there are quite a lot of all kinds of relief, most of which is concentrated on the profile of the car. Also visible in the photo are various plastic and chrome inserts.

The front of the car is quite modest. It turned out to be long for the designers, and also has a slight slope. The bonnet is adorned with a stepped relief, the intensity of which decreases from the center to the sides. The middle of the bumper is represented by a narrow air intake line, which is decorated with chrome stripes, and along the edges it has an unusual shape of headlights with economical and high-quality xenon filling. From the optics to the body kit, there are plastic lines that are connected into one wide insert at the bottom. It is separated from the main part of the bumper by a solid amount of relief and a license plate.

The car has five fairly comfortable seats with high-quality fabrics and soft filling. Since the Chinese do not like the variety of additional options, they will only be offered electric adjustment of the position of the front seats, as well as their heating for an additional fee. The back sofa is not equipped with anything except headrests.