The main market for BMW X7 is the USA. In fact  these cars are  produced here at the company’s plant in Spartanberg. The main users of seven-seat minivans and crossovers in the states are mothers or families with many children, they are also called ‘soccer moms’. That’s why X7 is already a three-row car. All chairs on all rows are equipped with electric drives. You can easily turn the huge crossover into either a passenger business jet or a cargo station wagon using buttons located in the trunk. All seats in the seven-seater version fold in and out automatically in about half a minute. The third row is transformed into a completely flat floor, and the second with a slight slope.

Passengers of the third row have as much comfort as it can be possible for the third row. A tall person will be cramped, although if there is an urgent need to travel a couple of hours, it is still possible if the passengers of the second row are not selfish. Optionally, the air conditioning system can be expanded to accommodate the third row and a separate control unit can be installed there. In addition, the third row has a separate panoramic roof segment, heated seats, USB ports, cup holders and the ability to control the seats in front.

The trunk with the seats fully extended is small – 326 liters. If it is necessary, you can use the underground where the luggage compartment cover is stored. If the third row is folded down, the volume of the cargo compartment will increase to 722 liters, and with the second row folded down – 2120 liters.

Technically  BMW X7 is heavily unified with the X5. They have in common not only the modular CLAR platform, but also the suspension scheme: in front – a two-lever, behind a five-lever, which was modified taking into account the increased load. The transmission is all-wheel drive only – xDrive with a multi-plate clutch in the front axle drive and an optional rear differential with a controlled locking degree. A rear axle steering up to 3 degrees is an option.

Driving a car with a three-liter diesel engine is a pleasure! You will feel no sportiness here, but there is a sharpness and smoothness of the ride, even with such huge wheels. The roll in the corner seems more than necessary, but the center of gravity of the car is high. The 22cm ground clearance does not imply race handling. The car has 249 horsepower.An all-wheel drive car with an eight-speed automatic, with a gross weight of 3.2 tons, cannot flutter like a butterfly. Even despite the fact that we are promised acceleration in 7 seconds from 0 to 100 km\h , the maximum speed is 227 km\h.