BMW X7 vs Tesla Model X vs Mercedes GLS

if you want a large luxury 7-seater SUV which you choose between the new Mercedes GLS the BMW x7 or maybe you ditch the Germans and their fossil fuel and go for something electric from America yeah just say them day yet talk about it is really I’m going to tell you which of these three cars is best it’s sort of like the Battle of the Bulge quite literally they’re huge let’s start this group test by talking about the engines you get these cars with starting with the GLS so you can get it with a three litre straight-six petrol – 3 litre straight-six diesels or 3 4 liter twin-turbo v8 now just notice things really weird for some reason there’s this fake carbon-fiber effect plastic in the engine bay wider than that the mod Lakes doesn’t have an engine bay so I’m showing you the badge which says dual motors because it has two of them now you can open two flavors either a long-range version or the performance model finally then we come to

the BMW and it’s available with three engines there’s two three litre straight-six diesels or a 4.4 liter twin-turbo v8 I know which one I’d rather have and it’s the one in this car the m50 I so it’s 4.4 liter twin-turbo v8 puts out 530 horsepower the GLS is actually the 400 d so it’s three litre straight-six turbo diesel puts out 330 horsepower that says the Model X is the long range version and it produces 470 horsepower from its dual electric motors now they all weigh about the same turn
off tons there or thereabout they all have all-wheel-drive but this benta blue has launch control the other two don’t but let’s have a drag race may seem odd because a bit mismatched but I just want to see what happens when you race a diesel SUV against an electric SUV in against a petrol SUV so let’s do it and of course I love a good drag race don’t I all got off pretty much the same Ben
tubi power there we go Tootsie bye they smashed them good ol fashioned v8 let’s see what happens in a role in grace then let’s have the cars in comfort mode and in automatic gearbox obviously doesn’t matter with the tesla is always automatic let’s go up to 50 miles an hour and then I’ll call it in three two one go oh my God look at Tesla go he just took off can the band really catch
it up before I run out road can it can it can it now my winter break hard it bloody hell that was close I’m gonna smash into the barrier if that was on a road I need to get past the Tesla I just wouldn’t not at legal speeds Oh what happened that time then Tesla how about you Mercedes he’s down horsepower to be fair but these are like for like he’s not gonna be at a petrol petrol spray fire I need there are going to be an electric car like for life because they just have that instant response okay let’s talkabout prices so that build will be X 7 starts from just over 70,000 pounds meanwhile the Tesla Model X

cost from 86,000 pounds and finally the Mercedes GLS starts from 75,000 pounds now if you wanna see how much money you can say for a new car click on the pop-out but I’m not there to download the new car Wow app it’s completely free and you can do things like compare offers from dealers but also read our reviews watch our videos and it also includes a special car valuation tool which you can use your phone’s camera to read a costumer plate and you know tell you exactly how much it’s worth now I’m going to compare these cars design I’m gonna come Ryan say it I prefer the look of this Mercedes GLS for starters it is the biggest it just stands out so much more
on the road and the other two I also like the roof rails the chrome trim the running board alloy wheels up to 23 inches in size they are huge and of course you’ve got the big Mercedes badge on the grill but there is one thing I don’t like about it fake exhausts look what the heck is the point why do that Mercedes why you don’t need to it’s enough just stop it I think the next best looking is the BMW despite its controversial grille I’ve actually spoken to quite a few people within BMW and then you don’t like this but I don’t mind it at all I think it gives the car plenty of attitude if you stare at it too long it does sort of look a little bit like Bugs Bunny from the front it’s like new let’s go back finally we come to the Tesla and its design has basically been wholly influenced by the wind tunnel because it’s been made to me as aerodynamic as possible to maximize the range the downside is I mean it looks like a blob not an SUV not that keen I’m also not keen on some of the panel gaps the top of the door doesn’t line up this doesn’t line up this huge gaps here there’s absolutely no way any of that would pass quality control at

Mercedes or BMW and if it did get through whoever allied it to would immediately be sacked however this Model X has a feature the other two can’t match its Falcon rear doors look at that look at that awesome here on the inside the Tesla continues its high-tech theme mainly by the fact it got a huge tablet for your infotainment screen and then there’s this massive windscreen it’s lovely at times the problem is if the sun’s in a high position yep some lines don’t really do much now you do
have leather pretty much everywhere which is nice not so convinced by this brown wood trim on this particular car but in places it doesn’t feel quite as well put together as the two Germans this bit doesn’t even fit properly so in stories the outside then really hearing something Mercedes I do find interior design just a little bit more interesting once again huge screen dominates the dash but this time it’s lengthwise rather than vertical and I have to say Mercedes wood trim is better and the whole car just feels a bit more solidly put together the GLS is steering wheel is Lowe’s nicer than the model X’s as well it’s not all perfect though I’m not a fan of these sharp edges round the wood trim here also why the heck have you got scratchy plastics down here on a supposedly premium car and then there’s the nether now I like the leather Ettie get on the dash and here on the door tops but the actual nether you’ve gotten the seats are standard has a weird texture to it
it’s like left skinned a wrinkly old man who’s been out in the Sun too long
what’s all about when you first climb inside the x7 it doesn’t have the
initial wow factor of you of the two cars mainly because it has a more traditional two screen layout for its dolls and it’s a Retirement System but
then when it’s been a little more time on it you realize this is actually the
best interior especially in terms of the build quality everything just feels a
little bit more solid and better put together than in the other two and the
materials there’s nothing cheap anywhere in this car anyway it’s all gorgeous all
luxury now I should point out that this car does have the upgraded individual
leather seats but even the standard ones are really nice and the leather is good
quality and then there’s other things you can add to the car such as the
Crystal gear lever the crystal start button iDrive controller and the little
crystal there and the volume control plus the Sky Lounge parent bus roof
which has these little elements in them that when you put the ambient lighting
on they light up as well and at night that looks really really cool
I like this interior now let’s talk about the infotainment systems and

iDrive is very good it’s quite easy to flip between different menus and stuff
and you can operate it as a touchscreen using the swivel wheel gesture controls
or voice commands and let’s just check out how good the voice commands are hey
BMW take me to Burger King which one of the destinations I select cancel
generally the system is pretty good sometimes it doesn’t understand you but
you can use it quite handily when you’re just driving along one thing that I’m
not so keen on though is the digital drivers display it’s just a bit dark and
dingy and it doesn’t show all that much information I don’t like the way the rev
counter goes backwards either it’s a good system it could be better by having
Android auto as standard you can’t get it with this car at the moment but in
future BMW will be adding it here in the Mercedes GLA so you do get Android auto
as well as apple carplay yay also ever I think the entertainment
slightly better and the BMW’s part of the reason is the screens just a bit
shinier and clearer especially the digital dolls they show
more information and you can change the look with them as well
which I like you also have similar input methods to the BMW apart from gesture
controls it doesn’t have that but you can still control it by the touchpad you
can control it using the touchscreen you can control it using the buttons on the
wheel as well if you want to and of course it has voice commands so let’s
just see what they’re like hey Mercedes take me to KFC that’s fine cancel the
Tesla Model X also has a voice command so you do have to press the button to
activate them take me to a vegan restaurant let’s come up with some there
though I’m not sure that ZZ is best known for being a vegan restaurant it’s
more pizzeria you can access games on this car so check this out your just
stood waiting for someone you can do this look you can play different games
but the best thing is the whoopee cushion you can actually have it so that
when someone sits on one of the seats it makes a farty sound and you can actually
change the noise of the farts for however however you want them always a
bit tight oh wait doesn’t have those apple carplay nor Android auto at all
but doesn’t matter much because you’ve got this huge screen and it runs Google
Maps so you just use Google root guidance anyway this screen itself is
lovely and you can control all the cars functions through it the only problem
with it is that it is rather distracting especially when you having to look all
the way down there to control certain things that’s why actually my first
screens at a lengthways rather than vertical like this but there you go
well the Tesla Model X

may have good in car technology the off-road technology
isn’t quite so good sure it does have four-wheel drive because there’s one
motor at the front and one at the back and you have adjustable air suspension
which allows you to increase the ride height but even then the ground
clearance is pretty limited plus the car gate row tires are standard which aren’t
great for off-roading I think if you went off the beaten track in this thing
it could get stuck it’s more for the schoolroom really just like the tears
learn many exceptions will be used for the schoolroom but it’s also more
capable if you need to go off-road it has better ground clearance and the
Tesla like it says it you can raise it up in fact you can raise it up by forty
millimeters over the standard height and it should be okay enough for most
people’s needs if you need even more off-road capability there is an off-road
pack and that gives you special off-road driving modes a sub guard and a lockable
differential if you’re on the golf road then the GLS is gonna be the best bet
for instance if you fit the optional off-road pack to this car you not only
get an inter axle locking diff you also get a low-range gearbox that means it is
better for getting up steep inclines eventually though you will run out of
grip depending on what does it on it but if you need to get down safely
it also has Hilda thing control it works even in Reverse like oh there we go
it’ll just take me down smoothly not even doing the brake it’s doing it for
me and that’s not all you can actually get this car with a
special suspension upgrade which effectively moves the wheels up and down
so it can walk over bumps and ruts it’s really cool plus you can use that
feature to make the car get jiggy with it oh I almost forgot
with off-road package this

GLS has by far and away the best ground clearance
as well the GLS isn’t only the best off-road it’s also the best for towing
it can actually tow up to three and a half tons which is a lot of tons believe
me Plus even these are standard no an electrically operated tow bar or is the
car just pleased to see me you can get an electrically operated tow bar with
the BMW as well though it’s not standard it’ll cost you just over a grand
and even then this cost hang capability still isn’t as good as a Mercedes it can
only tow 2.7 tons all right now the Tesla has the least hang capacity at 2.2 tons and also if you hit 22 inch alloy wheels that figure drops to one
oftens I don’t know why also it does come with the tow hitch but not
electrical one you have to fit it to yourself it’s all wrong movie obviously
these cars are going to spend more time carrying people than they are towing
stuff so how they fare in terms of passenger space is really key so let’s
start off with a Tesla and as you can see it’s very roomy back here I like the
way that you’ve got glass in the roof you’ve got huge rear windows and you can
recline the middle seats quite a lot if you need to you can slide them forwards
and backwards just as you like it Chumley’s what are you trying to have
three in the middle row at once the body isn’t the water seat can feel a bit
cramped also the way the doors are mounted means this central section is
quite low so the person in the middle seat doesn’t have much Headroom at least
they’re completely flat floor means there’s plenty of room for everyone’s feet now here in the middle right of thex70 pulley notice that I’ve got two
individual chairs that’s an optional upgrade normally you would have a three
seater bench it’s a bit like the Taser you can have the same leg in that as
well if you pay extra for it I do like it like this it just seems more roomy
and you’ve got these individual proper chairs with arm rests no I can’t seem to
operate what can operate it unlike the tears our standard you get electrically operated seats there’s loads of adjustment in them

and you sit a bit higher as well so you feel more supported in your seat I like
the glass roof as well let’s in lots of light and rear windows a big yeah it’s
comfy it’s big it’s very spacious nothing to complain about really just
like the other two cars you can get the GLS as a six seater version with captain
chairs in this middle of row but not in the UK this 7 seater version only I
can’t complain about the space though this feels like the biggest car there is
just so much new roof and Headroom it’s really really spacious one thing I’m not
so keen on those the fact the chairs do feel a little bit firmer than in the
super plush BMW also I still can’t get over this look especially the middle
seats just this big expanse of that weird textured leather why’d they do
that better up someone sat there in fact if someone sits there they will be quite
comfy actually because it sits quite low the central seat and the cars wide
enough that you don’t feel too squished in yeah it’s really really roomy and of
course here you can move the seats forwards and backwards and recline them
by controlling them electrically I prefer their location and
electrical controls here on the door rather than having to reach down by the
side of the seat in the very back of the JLS it feels quite roomy as seven
sectors ago and the seats are quite high so you’re a natural position I like it
in fact even with people sat in each row there’s enough room even for adults in
the very back here my only complaint is the fact that the glass roof doesn’t
extend all the way to the back so it can feel a bit dark but it’s not too bad
it’s a bit quicker getting into the back of t

he BMW because the backrest is
operated manually and then the seat starts to move forward and in the
meantime you can be working your way in also

the Mercedes you have to hold your
finger on the button to bring the seat back into place
with a

BMW just slop this back down and it will steadily work its way back into
position now it does feel a bit more luxurious back here than in the Mercedes
and the fact that you get a separate little sunroof here in the very rear
does help it doesn’t feel quite as a rumor though knee rooms a touch tighter
so is Headroom the seats aren’t quite so half the floor but it’s not too bad I
could go quite a fair distance in the very back of this car even with people
in the other two rows it’s nice it’s definitely easy getting to the back of
the model eggs because the seat mechanism is just simply just press
button there then you mentally slide it forward and these huge openings makes it
super easy to climb in pull this back come on come on I’m shoot this is song
gone awry right that’s not great so after I just have my arse on that I
don’t do this is it sorry about all that no here in the very back of the Tesla it
feels the most cramped it’s livable even with someone sat in each row knee room
is okay the biggest problem is Headroom so you can’t sit forward because then
you bang your head on this part if you go over a bump you’re gonna end up out
banging your head there isn’t much Headroom at all kids will be okay though
I should point that out but adults not so much another problem is the fact that
these seats on that high off the ground whereas in the other cars when the rear
most seats are actually higher than the other so you do get a good view out in
this one you just sit low down and it’s all a bit enclosed this is the one I
would like to go the least distance in the back of how about when it comes to a
fitting a child seat though while all cars come with four isofix anchor points
so to the middle row turn the very back row and they’re all very big so they’re
quite easy to fit and install seats without having to move seats forwards or
backwards this car is actually the best though these Falcon doors yet again
paying dividends make it very easy to get the seated and into place see they
don’t only look good they are very very practical as well another cool feature
about the Tesla Model X is the fact that because you haven’t gone engine
underneath the bonnet it’s some storage space which I seem to have just cracked
oh yeah hopefully knowing from Tesla will be watch this video anyway if you’d like to see my full in depth video review of a Tesla Model X I haven’t just broke her and
click on the pop-out banner up there to go watch the vid obviously in 7-seater
mode the boot space isn’t all that big but you can fit this much in however if
you fall down the rear most seats then you can carry this much in the Tesla
Model X

that’s not too bad one of the key features about the X 7 is that look
it gets a split folding tailgate Ireally like that and in 7-seater mode
you can fit this much in fold down the room most seats then the amount you can
fit in is this much now the GLS might not have a split folding tailgate or a
front boot or what it does have is the biggest low capacity in 7-seater mode in
fact you can fit all this stuff into it with the rear seats folded down you can
fit in pretty much the same as the other cars however there is room to just
squeeze in a set of golf clubs – woohoo finally let’s see how these big SUVs
compare to drive starting with the

Mercedes GLS now if you like your SUVs
to be big chunky feel reassuringly heavy and built like a tank
this is your car though that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to drive it just
feels solid and you get a real good view down on other road users
needless to say being a Mercedes it’s very comfy man it’s Maya now the engine
in this car is pretty impressive it’s the one most people go for it’s a
diesel in fact it’s the only one you can get in the UK so you put your foot down
and it pulls hard and it’s smooth for a diesel very smooth and reasonably quiet
as well and it works really nicely with a 9 speed automatic gearbox let’s check
out the economy though that’s what diesels are good for right this is only
averaging just over 24 miles per gallon which isn’t great but it could be worse
I suppose if you had one of the v8 deck would be worse it sort of does that
thing that old-school off-roaders do where it rocks you from side to side
over and you lations a bit like a ship on a gentle sea now don’t let that
confuse into thinking that this car handles really badly doesn’t you take
you down a twisty road it’s more than up to the job it’s obviously no sports car
but it won’t topple over in the bends unless you’re getting really crazy but
you’re not gonna go really crazy because you’re gonna have six passengers on
board many of which will be kids they’ll just be sick all over the
interior jumping in the BMW after the Mercedes it feels like a slightly
smaller car from the driver’s seat at least when you look in the mirror and
see how much car is actually behind you
you realize it’s pretty much the same size it’s not how it does that though I
think it’s the way it all wraps around you now in terms of comfort was really
very little anything between the two cars maybe maybe maybe this is slightly
smoother over bumps and maybe this is a bit quieter absolutely splitting hairs
one thing you do notice is the difference between the petrol engine and
the diesel and this has got a load of pulling power and it’s smooth I need to
love Lily sounds good it’s not particularly good for the planet though
because it’s doing less than 80 miles per gallon I can’t fault the gearbox
though it’s super smooth and responsive it’s lovely to drive now when you put it
into sports mode it does different things up a bit and once again it’s
maybe a little bit sharper than the Mercedes through the twisty bits it
doesn’t seem to do that side to side shaky thing like the

Mercedes you’re not
gonna be pushing these cars particularly hard anyway so do you care if you do and
this is probably slightly better bet if you don’t flip a coin finally then on to
the Tesla Model X it feels the most sporty of the three you sit lower in it
the suspension is firmer so you feel bumps a bit more the steering is a touch
sharper and then you’ve got that throttle response because there’s no
gearbox to kick down and no turbos to spool up when you accelerate it responds
immediately makes it brilliant for just nipping past other cars on the road
really really quick and it makes it fun as well also because the batteries are
mounted load in the car it has a low center of gravity so it actually goes through
corners better than you may expect a car looking like this could one thing I do
notice about though is that even though there’s no engine rattling away the
sound insulation isn’t as good as in the German so you hear more tire noise and a
bit more wind noise as well when you’re going quicker as for the economy well
being an electric car I’ve got different readings so it’s saying it’s doing 532
watt hours per mile it doesn’t matter about the cost of that because you can
charge this thing for free at Tesla superchargers what does matter though is
that range so Tesla says it’s called do 314 miles on a full charge but based on
that amount of energy consumption I’m only gonna get about 188 miles I haven’t
done very well in terms of economy in all three cars have been driving to
telling the truth one thing that I really do like about this Tesla though is the automatic cruise control system they all have them and they’re all very good but the
Tesla’s just that little bit better it can really spot when you’re in weird
conditions such as going past roadworks or the lines are a bit faded it just
seems they’re a little bit better than those in the other two cars it’s not
completely unpalatable though you can’t just switch off let it do its own thing
you do still need to monitor it it does definitely help take the strain out of
driving long distances an upgrade will happen
picking a winner from these three cars is actually very difficult because
they’re all very very good now if you don’t have access to charging points
you’re gonna need one of these two and between the Mercedes and the BMW I think
BMW just edges it it feels a bit more luxurious and it’s slightly nicer to
drive but if you do have access to charging points I would ditch these two
and go with a Tesla Model X simply because it feels more like you’re
driving into the future a BMW unboard I can’t imagine that you’re bored maybe
you haven’t yet had the chance to try sportman I’m very very good console hey
Mercedes how may I help you what’s the meaning of life well try and
be nice to people avoid eating fatty foods and read a good book every now and
then get some walking in and try and live together in peace and harmony with
people of all races and nationalities kind of reminds me of on mum you know
just going on a little bit