The first BMW X3 appeared on the international market in 2003 and since then has managed to change two generations, each of which the manufacturer made a restyling. In the engine range were both economical and quite powerful powertrains, however, a full-fledged sports version was not on the list. Due to the peak popularity of crossovers and the commercial success of the older “charged” versions, on February 13, 2019, the German manufacturer presented to the General public a full-fledged M version for the X3 and x4 co-platform. The new product has received the full range of improvements inherent in cars with the letter M. It is not difficult to distinguish this version from the usual one, it has a radically modified technical filling, an extremely productive power unit, a sports interior, a full range of options and a much more aggressive appearance. An aggressive aerodynamic body kit with larger air intakes and lower overhangs catches the eye. In the wheel arches are large alloy wheels, and behind-two double-barreled exhaust system.

BMW X3 M is a mid-size sports crossover of the premium segment. Its overall dimensions are: length 4726 mm, width 1897 mm, height 1667 mm, and wheelbase-2864 mm. Despite its sporty nature, the car, like its basic counterpart, boasts a fairly practical interior. By default, when loaded under the top shelf and raised backrests of the second row seats, it can take up to 550 liters of cargo. For the transport of long items, the back sofa can be folded and released up to 1600 liters.

The platform itself retained its layout and got from the usual modification, but received a wide list of changes. It has unique levers, as well as stiffer cross-bar stabilizers and rubber joints. By default, adaptive racks with adjustable stiffness are installed in a circle.

The BMW X3 M engine has a classic, for this manufacturer, layout and a fairly progressive structure. This is an inline three-liter turbocharged petrol six. It has two turbochargers, a proprietary valve timing system, and a block head made on a 3D printer. The latter solution allowed us to optimize the geometry of the cylinder head channels and increase the filling capacity of the cylinders. This engine has two versions. Their output is 480 and 510 horsepower at 6250 rpm and 600 Nm of torque, and in the more advanced version, its shelf is noticeably wider and reaches 5950 rpm against 5600 for the base. The transmission is one-eight-speed automatic Steptronic. All-wheel drive with a proprietary xDrive system and electronically controlled rear differential. As a result, acceleration to the first hundred will take only 4.1-4.2 seconds, and the maximum speed is electronically limited at 250 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption, with a calm driving style, will be about 10.5 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers in the combined cycle.

The BMW X3 M does not have basic trim levels. By default, it is already equipped with the lion’s share of options available for flagship models on this platform. Among the features of the sports versions, it is worth noting the optional M Carbon package, which offers a solid list of exterior decor, a more advanced multi-functional steering wheel with two additional buttons that allow you to remember individual settings of the control electronics, a unique gear shift lever, seats with side support and an additional front suspension Cup booster.