BMW 3 Series


In theory, this Bavarian car should tell us about itself. The G20 is the first BMW which is equipped with an interactive voice assistant based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform (yes, you can talk to a car as you van talk to your phone, it is a future!). To activate the assistant it is enough to say “Okay BMW” or “Hey BMW”. The helper is taught to respond to several standard voice commands.

Although the electric booster does not work very well – especially if you compare its settings with the canonical BMW of the past. The car’s brakes work great. The 8-speed automatic has a slightly strange selector, but convenient settings. If the car moves slowly, it smoothly shifts gears, only sometimes forcing it  to press the gas harder for the desired downshift.

The modernized two-liter diesel engine has become more environmentally friendly. Now it works so quietly at any speed, as if not using diesel fuel at all, and the vibrations at idle are barely perceptible. Traction in the entire operating range is also more than enough – in general, an excellent engine, even in traffic jams, keeping within 9 l / 100 km.

The G20 generation clearly outperforms the predecessor F30 series in interior trim, even with relatively simple trim levels. The materials are better and their mates are perfect. The main thing: the excellent geometry of the driver’s seat inherent in passenger cars has been preserved, with a low, dense seat and a comfortable steering wheel. Brand fans may claim details – handles, buttons and displays.

The disgraced diesels have been upgraded: even the 318d version is now equipped with dual supercharging. The engine developing 190 horsepower in the 320d is great. Not showing vibrations, powerfully and evenly pulls under a distant smoothed rumble. The eight-speed “automatic” knows its business well, although the acceleration control with the floor pedal is slightly smoothed out.

In addition to geography lessons with the BMW Voice Assistant, you can talk about the condition of the engine oil, brake pads, set the radio station or change the temperature in the cabin. It is interesting that the last two functions, as practice has shown, are much easier for her than address recognition. Aside from these toys, and while they don’t function flawlessly, they cannot be called helpers, the fully equipped 330i test has the famous gesture control, which debuted with the current generation 7-Series sedan. It would seem that the flagship sedan was shown four years ago, but the function still does not work perfectly. It slows down, then it does not react at all. The lane guidance system requires you to return your hands to the steering wheel after less than ten seconds versus half a minute for competitors. However, the reversing assistant, which remembers the last 50 meters of the journey, is a very convenient function.

The BMW 3 Series has every chance of strengthening its leadership in the premium sedan class. In the new generation, the car has become even more convenient for the driver and passengers, it has motors for every taste and a configurator rich in modern equipment, which allows you to assemble exactly the car that the buyer needs.