Aston Martin Vantage


The outgoing Vantage of the 2005 model was the most mass-produced Aston Martin car in history: 25 thousand cars of this family were sold. And now a new model has been prepared to replace it, which could actually carry the DB 10 index. This was the car used by 007 agent James Bond in the movie “Spectrum»

AstonMartinDB10 was created specifically for filming and was not released for free sale. Under the original body hid the platform and units of the serial coupe Vantage of the outgoing generation (atmospheric V8 4.7 and six-speed “mechanics”). In 2014, only ten such cars were built, eight of them took part in the shooting (according to the film’s plot, the car was destroyed), and two were used for advertising purposes. Aston Martin management said that the DB10 will remain an exclusive James Bond car, but just take a look at the photos of the new Vantage coupe! The common plastic body, the contours of the narrow headlights, shifted down grille, the shape of the rear diffuser. The DB10 project was not in vain! There is nothing wrong with this, because the new Vantage looks great.

However, technically, the production coupe has almost nothing in common with the movie car. The novelty is based on a shortened platform of the “older” model Aston Martin DB11 with a spatial aluminum frame. The architecture is the same: two-lever front suspension, multi-link rear, carbon fiber driveshaft, transmission at the rear axle and rear-wheel drive. But 70% of the components are changed or re-designed specifically for the “Junior” coupe. And external body panels for the sake of cheapening are made not of aluminum, but of steel.

The AMG Biturbo engine supplied by Daimler (it owns 5% of Aston Martin) took the place of the former atmospheric engine of its own design. This V8 4.0 engine first appeared on the Mercedes-AMG GT supercar, and is now installed on many Mercedes and the basic version of the Aston Martin DB11 sports car. Depending on the model, the unit develops from 422 to 612 HP, and the Aston Martin Vantage coupe will be equipped with a “medium” version with a return of 510 HP and 685 Nm, which is shifted to the limits of the wheelbase.

The only transmission is an eight — speed “automatic” ZF with push-button control, although not so long ago the management of the company Aston Martin promised that it would keep versions with “mechanics” in the range, and the main candidate was just Vantage. It is possible that cars with three pedals will appear later. But now Vantage has become the first model of the company with an electronically controlled differential: depending on the driving conditions, the computer can vary the degree of blocking from 0 to 100%. The brakes are conventional cast-iron, with six-piston mechanisms in the front and four-piston mechanisms in the rear. Adaptive shock absorbers — with three modes of operation (Sport, Sport Plus, Track).

The new Vantage is larger than the previous one: the length increased from 4382 to 4465 mm (almost like a Porsche 911), the width — from 1867 to 1942 mm. Wheelbase — 2704 mm against 2601 for its predecessor and 2805 mm for the DB11 model. The interior is strictly double, there is a separate 350-liter trunk at the back. The equipment, of course, is rich: as standard, there are electric seats, dual-zone climate control, led headlights, a media system with an eight-inch screen, Parking sensors in front and rear. Options include all-round cameras and a Parking attendant.

Unfortunately, the new Vantage inherited excess weight from its predecessors. Even the dry weight of the coupe (without technical fluids) reaches 1530 kg! Add to this at least a full tank of gasoline (73 liters). For comparison, a four-wheel drive Porsche 911 Turbo with a similar power engine (540 HP) and a “robot” in curb condition with all liquids weighs 1595 kg. However, the dynamic characteristics claimed by the British are not so bad. Acceleration time to 100 km/h — 3.6 seconds, maximum speed — 314 km/h (parameters of the Porsche 911 Turbo — 3.0 seconds and 320 km/h). And to ensure decent handling should be perfect weight distribution on the axes (50:50 in static).

The new Aston Martin Vantage went on sale in the second quarter of 2018. Prices in priority markets have already been announced: in Germany — from 154 thousand euros (30 thousand cheaper than the DB11 model with the same AMG engine), and in the States — from 150 thousand dollars.